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Since my attempt to list the best death metal and doom metal from 2019 went pretty well, I’m going full-scale with a list of the best metal from 2020. Here you’ll find upcoming releases, including pre-released songs, as well as the albums I’ve enjoyed the most during 2020.

My metal from 2020 list will probably lean a bit heavier on extreme metal, but I’ll try to include as many styles as possible. If you have any metal albums from 2020 that are missing that you think I should hear, feel free to comment or contact me through some other channel.

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Upcoming metal albums from 2020

Here are some upcoming 2020 metal albums, including release dates and song samples, if available. I might not be super fast to listen and rate all of them, so “upcoming” albums with passed release dates will remain at times.

Ashes of Life – Seasons Within

Let’s start off with some of that dick-ish self-promotion. Buy hey, if you like doom metal like Katatonia and Anathema, there’s a good chance you’ll like this. Ashes of Life is the brainchild of Portuguese songwriter Tiago Silva. I was lucky enough to do the extreme vocals on “Seasons Within”. Check out the first single “Shores” below!

Obsidian Tongue – Volume III (21 January, United States)

U.S. atmospheric black metal band Obsidian Tongue is one of the first black metal bands with a new album out in 2020. Connections to Woods of Ypres, Fall of Rauros and Panopticon might make it an interesting one.

Obsidian Tongue on Facebook ->

Grey Skies Fallen – Cold Dead Lands (23 January, United States)

Grey Skies Fallen is a veteran melodic death metal band from the U.S. “Cold Dead Lands” is album number five. Expect solid melodeath with a progressive side.

Dawn of Solace – Waves (27 January, Finland)

After disbanding all his bands and starting Wolfheart a few years ago, Toumas Saukkonen decided to restart one of his old bands, melodic death/doom metal project Dawn of Solace. Judging by “Lead Wings”, the new album “Waves” is going to be a good one!

Deathwhite – Grave Image (31 January, United States)

Deathwhite is a gothic doom metal band from Pittsburgh. I really liked the debut album “For a Black Tomorrow” and I would be surprised if 2020’s “Grave Image” isn’t a good one as well. Definitely something for fans of Katatonia and other types of clean vocal music in the doom metal and gothic metal spectrum.

Deathwhite on Facebook ->

God Dethroned – Illuminati (7 February, Netherlands)

Dutch veterans God Dethroned are back with full-length number 11, entitled “llluminati”. This band has rarely failed, so I expect some quality death metal with melodeath and black metal tendencies.

On Thorns I Lay – Threnos (21 February, Greece)

On Thorns I Lay is a long-running Greek death/doom metal band with a gothic side to it. I enjoyed 2018’s “Aegean Sorrow” and hopefully “Threnos” is another quality chapter in the band’s discography.

My Dying Bride – The Ghost of Orion (6 March, United Kingdom)

Legendary doom metal band My Dying Bride is releasing a new album in 2020. It’s titled “The Ghost of Orion” and it will be out in March. For a taste, see the song “Your Broken Shore” below.

Scarab – Martyrs of the Storm (6 March, Egypt)

This Egyptian band has delivered some solid Egyptian-themed death metal and is bound to do so again. Pretty cool to hear a band from actual Egypt doing it! “Martyrs of the Storm” is out on 6 March on ViciSolum productions.

Scarab on Facebook ->

Benighted – Obscene Repressed (10 April, France)

Benighted has been my favorite brutal death metal band for many years. It’s definitely one of the most unique and extreme bands out there, and I expect 2020’s “Obscene Repressed” to be no different.

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