Progressive metal from 2020

After some successful articles about metal from 2019, I decided to gather the best progressive metal from 2020 in this blog post. I hope I can help you find some new favorites. Please comment or contact me if I’m missing some quality progressive metal from 2019. If you want to see my all-time progressive metal favorites, head over to the 30 best progressive metal bands article.

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I’m Stefan Nordström, an aspiring musician and content creator. This is one of the ways I promote Soliloquium, my progressive death/doom metal band. If you’re searching for new music in the style, it would be awesome if you listened to my stuff on:

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Upcoming progressive metal albums from 2020

Here I will list upcoming progressive metal albums from 2020, and post comments on the quality albums that have been released. I’ll only feature albums with an official release date.

Soliloquium – Things We Leave Behind (16 March, Sweden)

Let’s start out with some pure shamelessness. My band Soliloquium is releasing its third full-length album “Things We Leave Behind” on 16 March. It’s a mix between progressive metal, doom and a few other genres. Katatonia fans and other listeners into dark music will likely enjoy it. Intrigued enough to check it out? Stream/download Soliloquium music at the Soliloquium Bandcamp page.

Nero di Marte – Immoto (24 January, Italy)

The first progressive metal from 2020 I found while skimming the Metal Archives release list was Italian progressive death metal/post-metal band Nero di Marte and their album “Immoto”.

Thy Catafalque – Naiv (24 January, Hungary)

Hungarian avant-garde/progressive metal band Thy Catafalque is highly rated, and the 10th full-length album “Naiv” is out in 2020. You can probably expect something crazy and out-of-the-box, which is the usual with this band.

Intronaut – Fluid Existential Inversions (28 February, United States)

Intronaut plays a creative mix of progressive metal, sludge and post-metal. The band has been growing steadily more popular and new record “Fluid Existential Inversions” will probably keep the band growing.

Katatonia – City Burials (24 April, Sweden)

Progressive metal 2020 highlight! Katatonia has finally announced its new album “City Burials”. It’s been a long wait, and the announcement really came out of nowhere. If you want to hear some of my thoughts, please read my review/reaction of the first single “Lacquer”. Not much metal in it, but it sure it a great track!

Green Carnation – Leaves of Yesteryear (8 May, Norway)

Green Carnation returned with a new album after many slow years, and it’s a good one. I found myself especially digging the epics “My Dark Reflections of Life and Death” and “Hounds”, and the album has been well-received overall.

Soliloquium - Swedish progressive death/doom metal from Bandcamp

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