Death/doom metal from 2017

Here I’ll list all the death/doom metal I’ve listened to in 2017, no matter the quality. I’ll bold a few of my recommendations, and provide as much information as I possibly can. Some of it I’ll review, some of it I’ll simply describe and link (there’s simply too many releases to go in depth on all of them). Enjoy, and tell me if there’s some release I need to check out! If you’re looking for something more brutal, check out my blog post on the best death metal albums from 2017. A new year has begun, find new music in my death/doom metal from 2018 article.

The mandatory five albums

If you don’t want to read this massive wall of text, here is a fast death/doom metal takeaway. Listen to these five albums:

  • Cold Insight – Further Nowhere
  • Hallatar – No Stars upon the Bridge
  • Kaunis Kuolematon – Vapaus
  • Lying Figures – The Abstract Escape
  • Mistralth – My Grief

Cold Insight – Further Nowhere

Cold Insight - Further Nowhere

Atmospheric death/doom metal featuring the vocalist from Enshine. Similar musical style overall as well, and one of the strongest releases all year. Read more about “Further Nowhere” in my review.

Cold Insight on Facebook ->

Drug Honkey – Cloak of Skies

A dark, slightly industrial take on death/doom metal that’s one of the most original 2017 albums in the genre. Suffocating darkness.

Drug Honkey on Facebook ->

Façade – Loathe

Murky, atmospheric death/doom from Holland.

Façade on Facebook ->

Frailty – Ways of the Dead

A more extreme take on the style, and a welcome change from the many Katatonia-inspired bands.

Frailty on Facebook ->

Frowning – Extinct

Fairly standard, but well-executed funeral doom from Germany

Frowning on Facebook ->

Hallatar – No Stars upon the Bridge

Allstar doom project with performances by members from Amorphis, Swallow the Sun and Draconian. Perhaps not as good as its lineup entails, but still a very solid album.

Hallatar on Facebook ->

Kaunis Kuolematon – Vapaus

Kaunis Kuolematon - Vapaus review

The second album from one of my favorite bands in the genre doesn’t disappoint. Best album in the genre I’ve heard this year.

Read the review of “Vapaus” ->
Kaunis Kuolematon on Facebook ->

Lying Figures – The Abstract Escape

Lying Figures - The Abstract Escape

Lying Figures deliver quality death/doom in a classic style on their full-length debut “The Abstract Escape”. Certainly a band in the style worth keeping an eye on in the future.

Read the review of “The Abstract Escape” ->
Lying Figures on Facebook ->

Marche Funèbre – Into the Arms of Darkness

Decent Belgian band that mixes death/doom with Primordial vocal influences.

Marche Funèbre on Facebook ->

Mistralth – My Grief

Mistralth - My Grief

Very sorrowful (the title, duh!) death/doom featuring Daniel Neagoe from Eye of Solitude and Clouds. Classy, stylish and one of the strongest albums on this list.

Mistralth on Facebook ->

Novembers Doom – Hamartia

Much like the latest few Novembers Doom albums, I didn’t love “Hamartia”. It’s none the less a 2017 death/doom metal release, and I’ve also reviewed it on the site.

Novembers Doom on Facebook ->
“Hamartia” review ->

Soliloquium – Swedish progressive doom metal

Not a 2107 release, but my band Soliloquium plays a progressive style of death/doom metal that should please fans of the genre. Above is the song “The Sorrow Path” from the album “An Empty Frame”. If you like Soliloquium, you can download our music for free from Bandcamp, follow us on Facebook or stream us from Spotify

Oceanwake – Earthen

Quality Finnish death/doom with a slight post metal/sludge vibe. The long songs turned me off from repeated listens, but a good band nonetheless.

Oceanwake on Facebook ->

Ophis – The Dismal Circle

Murky death/doom from Germany. Less melodic and more death metal than most bands on this list. Solid disc worth checking out.

Ophis on Facebook ->

Red Moon Architect – Return of the Black Butterflies

Red Moon Architect - Return of the Black Butterflies
Solid Finnish death/doom featuring plenty of female vocals.

Red Moon Architect on Facebook ->

Shores of Null – Black Drapes for Tomorrow

Decent Italian band in the traditional Katatonia style.

Shores of Null on Facebook ->

Soijl – As the Sun Sets on Life

Soijl - As the Sun Sets on Life

Swedish death/doom with a strong sense of melancholic melodicism. I haven’t spun it enough to properly review it, but it’s certainly one of the better 2017 albums in the genre.

Soijl on Facebook ->

Somnent – Sojourn

Somnent -Sojourn

Slow, melancholic death/doom with a nice ambience. The melodies are comparable to Saturnus. Possibly the most underrated band on this list.

Somnent on Facebook ->

Sun of the Dying – Roar of the Furious Sea

Solid Saturnus-influenced band from Spain. Good melodies, but I’m not completely into how the music blends with the murky growling style. The potential for something great is there though.

Sun of the Dying on Facebook ->

The Crawling – Anatomy of Loss

English death/doom metal with an extreme edge. I enjoy the many outright bursts of aggression on this one. Quite refreshing for the genre.

The Crawling on Facebook ->

The Ruins of Beverast – Exuvia

The Ruins of Beverast - Exuvia

Equal parts death/doom and black/doom metal, The Ruins of Beverast go all in on dark atmosphere on “Exuvia”. As a result, the album sounds nothing but suffocating.

The Ruins of Beverast on Facebook ->

Usnea – Portals into Futility

Slighly sludgy take on death/doom with an animalistic sense of angst. Almost sounds like if Neurosis would go full on extreme doom metal at times.

Usnea on Facebook ->

Vallenfyre – Fear Those Who Fear Him

Vallenfyre - Fear Those Who Fear Him

Equal parts Swedish style old school death metal, Vallenfyre’s new release still has enough doom to be worth mentioning in this article.

Vallenfyre on Facebook ->

Within the Fall – Beyond the Gate

New EP by melodic death/doom metal band Within the Fall from Karlstad, Sweden.

Within the Fall on Facebook ->

Wintereve – This Winter Will Never End

Decent death/doom with female vocals from France. Strong Draconian vibe.

Wintereve on Facebook ->

Death/doom metal in 2018

An early look at the 2018 release date reveals two albums that will likely be in next year’s article. Check out the songs below and you will know why!

Hamferð – Támsins likam

Hamferð’s new album is out on January 12th, 2018 and it sounds like it’s going to be another spectacular one.

Hamferð on Facebook ->

Ocean of Grief – Nightfall’s Lament

Ocean of Grief’s debut comes out on January 26th, 2018 and it’s likely to be a great piece of melodic death/doom metal.

Ocean of Grief on Facebook ->

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