Epic doom metal

Epic doom metal is one of the old school doom metal styles, along with stoner doom metal and traditional doom metal. Epic doom metal usually has a power metal influence. Lyrical themes also tend to be of more epic, and cheesy, proportions. Don’t miss my overall guide to doom metal and its many subgenres.

Famous and essential epic doom metal bands


Candlemass started out dirgy with “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus”. When Messiah Marcolin entered the band on “Nightfall”, a more powerful heavy metal thunder was added. “Ancient Dreams” and “Tales of Creation” followed in the same, epic style. The blueprint was laid down for epic doom metal


Italian band Doomsword and their cheesy take on epic doom metal has been around since 1997. Not my cup of tea, but certainly a band for listeners more into the heavy metal and power metal side of things.


Isole is somewhere between 80’s Candlemass and modern, contemporary doom metal. They’re certainly one of the saddest bands out there. The newer albums ventured into progressive metal territory as well. Debut “Forevermore” is my personal favorite.

Solitude Aeturnus

Solitude Aeturnus is a mandatory listen, no matter what doom metal styles you like. Not only was Robert Lowe one of the most powerful vocalists out there, 1992’s “Beyond the Crimson Horizon” and 1994’s “Through the Darkest Hour” are absolute classics. Perhaps equal parts epic doom and traditional doom metal.


Highly regarded epic doom metal band from the United Kingdom. Not be confused with U.S. death/thrash metal band Solstice.


Candlemass worshippers from the more (in doom metal terms) recent pile of bands. A bit on the cheesy side for me, but certainly a band that writes quality doom metal songs.

While Heaven Wept

While Heaven Wept make their doom metal epic by using a progressive music style, resulting in things like 15 minute songs.

Soliloquium Swedish doom metal on Bandcamp

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