I don’t have any deathdoom.com or doom metal merch yet, but who knows what the future will bring? What I do have though, is Soliloquium merch. If you don’t know already, Soliloquium is my progressive death/doom metal band. If you appreciate my music and/or content, buying merch goes a long way. Wondering what the music sounds like? Try it out on Bandcamp, Spotify or YouTube.

Soliloquium CD’s

Soulsearching (2022) – Digipak CD

Unfortunately, this is sold out on the Soliloquium Bandcamp.

Things We Leave Behind (2020) – Digipak CD

Things We Leave Behind (2020) Digipak CD

€10 EUR

Listen to “Dead Ends”: Bandcamp | Spotify | YouTube

Contemplations (2018) – Digipak re-release

Soliloquium merch - Contemplations digipak CD

€10 EUR

Listen to “Catharsis”: Bandcamp | Spotify | YouTube

An Empty Frame (2016) – Digipak re-release

Soliloquium merch - An Empty Frame digipak CD

€10 EUR

Listen to “With or Without”: Bandcamp | Spotify | YouTube

Soliloquium t-shirts and hoodies

Soliloquium - Soulsearching zip hoodie (swedish death/doom metal merch)

T-shirts and zip hoodies are back up on Bandcamp! Really great way to support me and spread the Soliloquium word.

Not interested in merch? How about digital music?

I do my music and content virtually for free, so any kind of support frees me up to keep creating. The support really makes a difference. If you’re not interested in the Soliloquium merch, how about buying some digital music from Bandcamp?