Soliloquium is a doom metal band from Stockholm formed in 2011. The main influences are classic doom bands like Katatonia, Paradise Lost and Anathema, but the music has strayed more and more in different directions over time. The ever-present thing is the Stockholm darkness.

Soliloquium’s music is written by Stefan Nordström from Desolator. Soliloquium signed with U.S. label Transcending Records after releasing three independent EP’s. After previously being most notable for the YouTube of a doom metal The Cranberries cover, the full-length debut “An Empty Frame” came out in 2016. “An Empty Frame” was followed by “Contemplations” (2018) and “Things We Leave Behind” (2020). You can download it or stream all the music on our Bandcamp page.

Band members


Stefan Nordstr̦m РVocals/Guitars

Other bands:

Ending Quest


Jonas Bergkvist – Bass

Other bands:

Ending Quest


When Silence Grows Venomous (demo, 2012)

Soliloquium - When Silence Grows Venomous

The Concept of Escape (EP, 2013)

Soliloquium - The Concept of Escape (death doom metal from Sweden)

A Night of Burdens (EP, 2014)

Soliloquium - A Night of Burdens

An Empty Frame (full-length, 2016)

Soliloquium - an empty frame

Contemplations (full-length, 2018)

Soliloquium - Contemplations - Swedish death doom metal

Things We Leave Behind (2020)

Soliloquium - Things We Leave Behind album cover, Swedish doom metal from 2020

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