Stoner doom metal

Stoner doom metal is one of the old school doom metal styles, along with epic doom metal and traditional doom metal. Stoner doom metal is a mix between doom metal and stoner metal. It’s often bass-heavy, relying on fuzz and other guitar effects. The style is connected to psychedelic rock, and because of this many stoner doom metal bands are also categorized as psychedelic doom metal.

Famous and essential stoner doom metal bands

Here’s my list of the most famous and essential stoner doom metal bands. I’m not as into the genre as death/doom metal, funeral doom metal or gothic doom metal, but I will do my best to gather the essential stoner doom bands.

Acid King

Highly rated U.S. stoner act with a strong psychedelic influence. The extreme fuzz and level of derivation makes it not my cup of tea, but I can see why they are so popular.


Cathedral was around very early, releasing their debut in 1991. The high ratings for their early albums has made me put them on various “listen to this!”-lists, but I’ve admittedly never gotten there.

Church of Misery

Japanese band with a continuing serial killer theme. One my favorite stoner doom bands with some of the biggest riffs.


Highly psychedelic band with a varied approach. “Reflections of a Floating World” is a highly dynamic offering with both thundering drive and lighter psych moments.

Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard is a legendary stoner doom metal band that relies heavy on guitar effects. 2000 album “Dopethrone” is regarded as a classic in the stoner genre.


Highly rated U.S. stoner doom metal band with a wall-of-sound approach.


Sleep is one of the most popular and essential stoner metal bands. “Dopesmoker” and “Sleep’s Holy Mountain” are both genre classics.

Spirit Caravan

The Black Sabbath-related name says it all. Features Wino from Saint Vitus and The Obsessed.

Soliloquium Swedish doom metal on Bandcamp

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