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This is my list of the best metal albums of 2024, and also a schedule of upcoming interesting releases. Since I’ve failed keeping up my specific lists for death metal, doom metal and other genres, I’ll just do one big music list this year. I’ll simply do my best to share the best metal albums of 2024, but also other cool stuff I run into. The truth is that I simply don’t listen to enough death metal, black metal and other extreme metal to keep up with the releases and rank them, so I believe this will be better.

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Best metal albums of 2024

Once albums start getting released, I’ll rank my best metal albums of 2024 right here!

  1. Chelsea Wolfe – She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She
  2. Counting Hours – The Wishing Tomb (melodic death/doom metal, Finland)
  3. Blood Red Throne – Nonagon (death metal, Norway)
  4. Hauntologist – Hollow (black metal, Poland)
  5. Suldusk – Lunar Falls (dark folk/blackgaze, Australia)
  6. Exocrine – Legend (technical death metal, France)

Upcoming 2024 albums

Blood Red Throne – Nonagon (26 January)

Anyone following my content knows how much I love this Norwegian death metal band, especially live. So I’m definitely happy to get yet another riff-filled album in 2024.

Exocrine – Legend (January 26th)

The French metal scene have been delivering hard the last few years, so why not check out some 2024 death metal from there as well? I’ve not been that into tech-death for some time, but it’s definitely a quality release.

Manticora – Mycelium (January 26th)

Great albums on the aggressive side of the progressive power metal spectrum doesn’t exactly grow on trees, but I love when they appear. Manticora’s 2018 album rocked pretty hard, so I’ll surely check out what the bands has to offer in 2023.

Deadyellow – What Was Left of Them (2 February)

The atmospheric side of black metal has been producing great stuff over the last few years, and Deadyellow is not an exception. Solid album for those thirsting for more atmoblack and blackgaze type music.

Kariti – Dheghom (2 February)

If you’re like me, and can’t get enough of dark, moody female vocal darkwave/singer-songwriter type music, look no further. Really cool album that most people seems to have missed.

Chelsea Wolfe – She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She (9 February)

Judging by the excellent first single from this album, Chelsea Wolfe keeps successfully doing the style-chameleon type things she’s been doing over the last few releases. Really looking forward to this one! It proves to be a really great album, with a nice mix of styles. Chelsea keeps changing with every release, which I really appreciate.

Naíre – The Age of Man (10 February)

How about a debut from a genre-agnostic Austrian extreme metal band? Full disclosure, I know some people in the band, but it’s certainly worth checking out.

Counting Hours – The Wishing Tomb (23 February)

I loved the debut album from this band, so I’m really looking forward to a second release in 2024. If single “Timeless Ones” is any indication, this will be another great one! Except top notch Finnish melodic death/doom. Just like I anticipated, this is a solid batch of Nordic death/doom, worthy of the heavy Rapture legacy.

Suldusk – Anthesis (1 March)

Suldusk’s sophomore album may not reach the heights of the first one, but I still found myself enjoy it. The genre mix sure hits the spot, exploring both the extreme and non-extreme side of dreamy melancholy.

De Mal En Pire – Sã mo (15 March)

I’m glad I worked my way around the messy band an album name, because this is some quality stuff! Great post metal/post hardcore from Canada, and I’m a bit surprised this is a debut album.

Hamferð – Men guðs hond er sterk (22 March)

A truly special band, fueled by one of the metal scene’s most competent and unique vocalists.

Hideous Divinity – Unextinct (22 March)

Italy has a great death metal scene, and HD is a prime example. I’ll gladly check out what vocal professor Lorenzo and the others have cooked up this time around.

Hour of Penance – Devotion (5 April)

AI cover art controversty aside, Hour of Penance is a quality death metal band, especially the mid-era releases. I’ll definitely have a listen to “Devotion”.

Austere – Beneath the Threshold (5 April)

The 2023 album had plenty of dark atmosphere, so I’ll gladly check out another album by Austere.

Benighted – Ekbom (12 April)

Benighted have been delivery the bree’s for well over 20 years now. While it’s true I haven’t been super into their latest few releases, I’ll still hit “Ekbom” up for sure!

Catalepsia – Pavisam (12 April)

My weakness for death/doom will surely lead me to check this one out.

Blazing Eternity – A Certain End of Everything (19 April)

Blazing Eternity is back, after a loooong absence. From what I’ve heard, it’s going to be the metal side of the band. Pity for me, because I loved their goth side more, but it’s great to see them being active again.

My Dying Bride – A Mortal Binding (19 April)

I’m probably the person who likes MDB the least in my doomy friend circle, but I’ll still check this album out.

Alcest – Les Chants de l’Aurore (21 June)

A new Alcest album is always worth checking out, and I enjoyed the first single “L’Envol”. Let’s hope the rest of the disc is as good!

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So, this was my best metal albums of 2024, and other music I enjoy from this year. I hope you found something interesting. If I’m missing something, reach out on Instagram and tell me I should check it out. Also, if you enjoy my metal music content, I’d love if you checked out my music.

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