25 best funeral doom metal bands

If you like long, drawn out songs played in a very slow tempo, funeral doom metal is for you. The definition of funeral doom is a crossover between death/doom metal and funeral dirge music. Don’t expect much instrumental action, the focus will be on creating a depressive mood at all times.

Personally, I’m not as sold on the funeral doom style as traditional death doom metal, but some bands, albums and songs are certainly good enough to get me going. This my guide to the funeral doom style. Tell me if I’m missing out on any good bands!

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Origin: Germany
Recommended album: “The Call of the Wretched Sea” (2006)


Origin: France
Recommended album: “Slow Transcending Agony” (2005)

Bell Witch

Origin: United States
Recommended album: “Mirror Reaper” (2017)

Chalice of Suffering

Origin: United States
Recommended album: “For You I Die” (2016)


Origin: International
Recommended album: “Departe” (2017)

Clouds combines the long, slow funeral doom metal tendencies with soaring melodic death/doom metal. The songs are monumentally sad, and we’re treated with guest vocals from Jon Aldara (Hamferd, Barren Earth) and Pim Blankenstein (Officium Triste). It’s also a good transition for a death/doom metal fan who’s not completely into funeral doom yet. If you want in-depth information, read my “Departe” review right here on the site.


Origin: Finland
Recommended album: “Chapter 1: Delirium” (2007)

Comatose Vigil

Origin: Russia
Recommended album: “Not a Gleam of Hope” (2005)


Origin: Sweden
Recommended album: “Dead Words Speak” (2008)

Doom:VS is the solo project from Draconian’s guitarist Johan Ericson. The song “Dead Words Speak” is one of my favorite doom metal songs, and it showcases what this album is about. The songs are slow and dirgey, and Johan’s clean vocals are truly tormented. It’s an excruciatingly sad album, and a good representation of the funeral doom genre. This project outshines Draconian by far in my book.


Origin: United states
Recommended album: “Ea taesse” (2006)


Origin: Georgia
Recommended album: “Falsvs Anno Domini” (2015)


Origin: United Kingdom
Recommended album: “Epistemological Despondency” (1994)


Origin: United Kingdom
Recommended album: “Antithesis of Light” (2005)

Eye of Solitude

Origin: United Kingdom
Recommended album: “Canto III” (2013)


Origin: Norway
Recommended album: “Tragedies” (1995)


Origin: Brazil
Recommended album: “As We Slowly Fade” (2018)

Mournful Congregation

Origin: Australia
Recommended album: “The Monad of Creation” (2005)


Origin: Denmark

Recommended album: Ligfærd (2005)

Shape of Despair

Origin: Finland
Recommended album: “Angels of Distress” (2001)


Origin: Finland
Recommended album: “Alloy” (2008)

Skepticism is a true funeral doom metal band, complete with organs and moods more suiting for a chapel than a metal gig. Their sound is a bit too far from “normal” death/doom to be completely enjoyable for me, but if I would define funeral doom with one band it would probably be Skepticism.


Origin: Finland
Recommended album: “Stream From the Heavens” (1994)


Origin: Finland
Recommended album: “Tides of Awakening” (2005)


Origin: United States
Recommended album: “Sentiment” (2018)

Very ominous-sounding and well-produced modern funeral doom.


Origin: Germany
Recommended album: “Dooom” (2007)


Origin: United States
Recommended album: “Vouna” (2018)

Woebegone Obscured

Origin: Denmark
Recommended album: “The Forestroamer” (2018)

Danish Funeral doom metal band with a long career behind them. I’m quite surprised that they’re not more famous, given the solid quality of 2018’s “The Forestroamer”.

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