Black metal from 2023 - new and upcoming albums

This my summary of black metal from 2023. Here you can find the new and upcoming albums that I recommend and will check out. If you have any 2023 black metal recommendations, feel free to hit me up. I’m on Instagram and many other places, and as a fellow music-nerd, I’ll gladly check it out! Hope you find some solid music on this web site!

Black metal 2022 was a huge failure, I admit, so this time I will try to do scheduled monthly updates. And as usual, bare with my lacking black metal knowledge, it’s probably not improving in 2023.

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Best 2023 black metal albums

Upcoming black metal from 2023

Grá – Lycaon (13 January)

2023 marks the fourth full-length album from this Swedish spiritual black metal band.

Imperium Dekadenz – Into Sorrow Evermore (20 January)

Seventh full-length album from this veteran German band. If you like your black metal atmospheric, like I do, it’ll be worth checking out.

Bizarrekult – Den tapte krigen (27 January)

A Russian band relocated to Norway, now singing in Norwegian? Sounds intriguing, and I’ve seen people praise Bizarrekult. Definitely warrants a listen.

Enslaved – Heimdal (3 March)

Enslaved keep going, and regardless of era and style, their albums are usually quality.

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