15 best Morbid Angel songs

I’m admittedly not as big of a Morbid Angel fan as most people who are into death metal. Still, the band does have a bunch of really good songs. This is my list of the 15 best Morbid Angel songs. If you like nerdy death metal lists like this, don’t miss my list of the 20 best Immolation songs or my list of the 20 best Death songs.

15. “Fall from Grace” (Blessed are the Sick, 1991)

“Fall from Grace” introduces the “Blessed are the Sick” album by going from mid-paced groove to lightning speed and back. The intro riff is as simple as it is hard to get out of your head.

14. “World of Shit (The Promised Land)” (Covenant, 1993)

Some really cool grooves in this one, as well as some faster parts for dynamics. Quite a dark, moody tune and one of my favorites from “Covenant”.

13. “Lord of All Fevers and Plague” (Altars of Madness, 1989)

The first of many “Altars of Madness” songs on this list. Obscure early death metal complete with Lovecraft chants.

12.”Where the Slime Live” (Domination, 1995)

I’m not a fan of “Domination”, but its most famous song is also its best in my book. It’s very gimmicky, but it also gets stuck on my head for a long time damn near every time I hear it.

11. “Nothing is Not” (Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, 1998)

This song probably trumps “Where the Slime Live” in the groove department. Some seriously strange riffing going on in this one.

Morbid Angel full-length discography

  • Altars of Madness (1989)
  • Blessed are the Sick (1991)
  • Covenant (1993)
  • Domination (1995)
  • Formulas Fatal to the Flesh (1998)
  • Gateways to Annihilation (2000)
  • Heretic (2003)
  • Illud Divinum Insanus (2011)
  • Kingdoms Disdained (2017)

10. “Opening of the Gates” (Gateways to Annihilation, 2000)

Famous for its insane double kick work, “Opening of the Gates” is also one hell of a tune overall.

9. “Suffocation” (Altars of Madness, 1989)

Solid frenetic tune from the debut album. Skips most of the atmospheric side of the “Altars of Madness” sound for a very plummeling death/thrash approach.

8. “Rapture” (Covenant, 1993)

The opening track from the “Covenant” album is a well-deserved Morbid Angel classics. Some very memorable riffs in this one.

7. “Summoning Redemption” (Gateways to Annihilation, 2000)

The use of start and stop riffs in this song is absolutely crazy and also very creative. Incredibly heavy song with a distinct sound to it.

6. “Blessed are the Sick” (Blessed are the Sick, 1991)

Classic mid-paced Morbid Angel song from the second album. Many people would probably place it even higher. The hook “Blessed are we to taste life of sin” is one of their most characteristic.

Desolator – death metal inspired by Morbid Angel

My Swedish death metal band Desolator plays a style influenced by Morbid Angel in our newer material. Would be awesome if you checked us out! Below is the song “Illusions of Grandeur” from the 2016 EP “Spawn of Misanthropy”. You can hear the whole EP on the Desolator Bandcamp page.

5. “Visions from the Dark Side” (Altars of Madness, 1989)

This song from the debut album features some fast, melodic riffing that almost sounds black metal.

4. “Enshrined by Grace” (Heretic, 2003)

“Enshined by Grace” is the most unexpected song on my list. “Heretic” is a pretty underwhelming album, but this song really brings is. Some seriously cool and catchy riffing in this one.

3. “Chapel of Ghouls” (Altars of Madness, 1989)

Probably the most catchy song Morbid Angel has ever written. “Ghouls! Attack the church!” has been a loud chant at many drunken metal parties over the years. Drunken parties aside, the song has incredibly intense riffs and a structure that really takes advantage of the violent tempo shifting.

2. “Maze of Torment” (Altars of Madness, 1989)

From the traditional metal-sounding intro riff to the massive blastbeats and catchy chorus hook, this is a Morbid Angel classic.

1. “Immortal Rites” (Altars of Madness, 1989)

A bit boring to place “Immortal Rites” in number one, but the song is just so damn good. It’s filled with influential and instantly memorable riffs. It also has the intensity, awesome vocal hooks and an evil atmosphere.

Soliloquium Swedish doom metal on Bandcamp

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