20 best Immolation songs

Immolation is one of my favorite death metal bands. The legendary U.S. band has an impeccable discography, completely free from missteps since 1991. This is my list of the 20 best Immolation songs. If you’re looking for Immolation material, you can read my review of 2017’s “Atonement”.

20. “The Comfort of Cowards” (Majesty and Decay, 2010)

Let’s kick off the list with the closing track from one of the newer Immolation albums. “The Comfort of Cowards” doesn’t have the usually melodic epicness of their closing track, but it has some of the most violent start-and-stop action in the band’s history. A really violent, nihilistic tracks with perfect lyrics to boot.

19. “Into Everlasting Fire” (Dawn of Possession, 1991)

A dark classic from the debut album “Dawn of Possession”. It has the combination of fast beats, strange grooves and Ross Dolan vocals (Into.. everlasting.. fire!) that makes the Immolation sound so special.

18. “Lost Passion” (Close to a World Below, 2000)

Some of the riffs in this song are weird as hell (in the best kind of way!) even by Immolation standards. The gorgeous anti-religious lyrics seal the deal for me.

17. “Bring Them Down” (Unholy Cult, 2002)

The first half of this song is a standard Immolation tune that would just be described as solid. The ending, however, is one of the most epic things the band has even written. Sounds like the apocalypse.

16. “All that Awaits Us” (Kingdom of Conspiracy, 2013)

“Kingdom of Conspiracy” is one of Immolation’s least impressive albums, but that doesn’t stop it from having one hell of a closing track.

Immolation full-length discography

  • Dawn of Possession (1991)
  • Here in After (1996)
  • Failures for Gods (1999)
  • Close to a World Below (2000)
  • Unholy Cult (2002)
  • Harnessing Ruin (2005)
  • Shadows in the Light (2007)
  • Majesty and Decay (2010)
  • Kingdom of Conspiracy (2013)
  • Atonement (2017)

15. “Harnessing Ruin” (Harnessing Ruin, 2005)

The main riff/vocal hook in “Harnessing Ruin” is one of Immolation’s most recognizable and earns the song spot on the list. I’m a bit surprised that they don’t play this song live more often.

14. “No Jesus, No Beast” (Failures for Gods, 1999)

My favorite song from “Failures for Gods” is a blasphemous behemoth where Ross Dolan shines.

13. “Indoctrinate” (Kingdom of Conspiracy, 2013)

Very catchy song with great lyric concepts. Quite simple and by the book by Immolation standards, but I just love the hooks so much.

12. “A Token of Malice” (Majesty and Decay, 2010)

This short burst of Immolation has a lot to offer. It manages to be both aggressive, epic and twisted in its 2:41 running time. I love the structure, and I love the guitar ideas even more.

11. “Those Left Behind” (Dawn of Possession, 1991)

The intro riff in this song is absolutely classic death metal. It’s evil-sounding as hell and instantly catchy at the same time. The rest of the song doesn’t disappoint either.

10. “Swarm of Terror” (Harnessing Ruin, 2005)

Intense track that’s a live staple thanks to the relentless aggression and strong hooks.

9. “A Glorious Epoch” (Majesty and Decay, 2010)

The main single from the “Majesty and Decay” album is a monolithic one. The guitars actually take a back seat in this one, allowing Ross voice and the lyric ideas to shine.

8. “Sinful Nature” (Unholy Cult, 2002)

Short, but sweet track with some of Immolation’s most angry, nihilistic lyrics.

Desolator – death metal similar to Immolation

My Swedish death metal band Desolator plays a style similar to Immolation in our newer material. Would be awesome if you checked us out! Below is the song “Illusions of Grandeur” from the 2016 EP “Spawn of Misanthropy”. You can hear the whole EP on the Desolator Bandcamp page.

7. “The Rapture of Ghosts” (Majesty and Decay, 2010)

This song should’ve probably been the closing track on the “Majesty and Decay” album. It’s a high quality Immolation song that really gets special towards the end, featuring some really epic melodicism.

6. “Majesty and Decay” (Majesty and Decay, 2010)

Probably the most popular new era Immolation song, and for good reason. The main riff and double pedal drums plow forward like a battle tank. Massive track, even more so in a live setting.


5. “Father, You’re Not a Father” (Close to a World Below, 2000)

One of Immolation’s most aggressive and plummeling songs with lyric themes and hooks beyond the usual.

4. “Unholy Cult” (Unholy Cult, 2002)

An Immolation epic with a crazy cool main riff. The eight minute song feels more like four and leaves me wanting more every time.

3. “Of Martyrs and Men” (Unholy Cult, 2002)

The opening track from “Unholy Cult” is one of my favorite Immolation songs. It has a clean opening that sounds evil as hell, and it doesn’t disappoint when the barriage of blastbeats kick in. Very strong dynamics and unforgettable hooks, just like the rest of the album.

2. “Close to a World Below” (Close to a World Below, 2000)

The intro to this song is just timeless, classic atmospheric death metal art. And it doesn’t disappoint when it gets going either! Flawless execution and flow makes this 8 minute closing track my second favorite Immolation song.

1. “Reluctant Messiah” (Unholy Cult, 2002)

This song just seems to be another quality “Unholy Cult” tune to many. To me it’s Immolation’s crowning song. It’s just relentless in terms of pacing, attitude and nihilistic atmosphere.

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