No, I haven’t branched out my hustling to the point of making metal lyric videos just yet. But I have a talented pal who can do it. Here are my thoughts on what makes good and not so good lyric videos, and what you think about when you order one. You can also check out some samples, so you know what you can expect if you hire my friend.

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General thoughts on lyric videos

Lyric videos are a good way to promote your music on social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. But to truly represent your music visually, they needs to be good. That’s why you shouldn’t just hire anyone, no matter how big or small your budget is. Do your research, listen to word-of-mouth, and check out the portfolio of previous videos. If everything checks out, you’re probably on the way to finding the right video maker.

What makes a good metal lyric video?

According to me, these are some important factors in making a great lyric video:

  • Professional material and editing
  • Representing the band’s music and imagery
  • Being able to use both animated and filmed content
  • Employing creative touches like effects, without overdoing it
  • Good understanding of the client’s wishes and good communication (goes both ways)

As I implied in the last point, the musician also has some responsibility. The amount and quality of source material and your brief has a huge impact on the end product. You can’t expect a great lyric video from nothing – or at least it won’t be as good without you making an effort.

Different examples of rock and metal lyric videos

So, what can my friend provide?

Tiago has made rock and metal lyric videos for many bands. Here are some samples so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Animated lyric videos

Animated rock and metal lyric videos are very popular. Here are some examples of what you can expect:

  • Within the Fall – Navigator

Full-on music videos

There’s also the possibility to make a more full-on music video type project.

Here are some samples you can check out:

Interested in a lyric video? Here’s how to get in touch!

Are you ready to get started on your rock/metal lyric videos? Get started by reaching out over e-mail or Facebook.


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