Death metal from 2019

Death metal from 2019 – the best new and upcoming death metal albums

In this article I will list enjoyable and upcoming death metal albums from 2019. I hope you can find some new favorites. Please comment if I’m missing out on any cool death metal albums from 2019, I’m open to checking out anything. Don’t miss out on the same article for 2019 doom metal right here on the site!

Metal playlists filled with 2019 metal music

Just looking for new metal music and too bored to read my full articles? I’ve made playlists on YouTube and Spotify for 2019 metal music. Keep tabs on these if you want to make finding the best new metal music easy!

Metal 2019 YouTube playlist

Metal 2019 Spotify playlist

Blood Incantation – Hidden History of the Human Race (United States)

2016 debut “Starspawn” gained Blood Incantation an instant following and it’s going to be interesting to hear the follow-up.

Blood Incantation on Facebook ->

Blood Red Throne – Fit to Kill (Norway)

Blood Red Throne has always been one of my favorite death metal bands. Based on the pre-released song “InStructed InSanity”, I’m convinced “Fit to Kill” will be a top feature on this list. Kickass riffs as usual.

Diabolical – Eclipse (Sweden, 15 February)

It looks like Diabolical are going epic on their new album. “We are Diabolical” has the usual Immolation/Behemoth stylings of their newer material, and even features proggy clean vocals.

Diabolical on Facebook ->

Malevolent Creation – The 13th Beast (United States, 18 January)

I’m unsure of what this classic band will be able to achieve at this point, especially with their singer gone. The band’s 90’s material will give them the benefit of the doubt. It will be at least on par, judging by “Decimated” below.

Misery Index – Rituals of Power (United States, 8 March)

Misery Index is another long-time death metal favorite coming out with a new album in 2019. One of the most aggressive death metal bands out there, often bordering on crust punk and deathgrind.

Soliloquium Swedish doom metal on Bandcamp

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