Ranking the 20 best Anathema songs is a hard task for several reasons: they have a ridiculous amount of good songs, they have tried many musical styles and it’s also hard to compare fresh tunes to nostalgic memories.

One thing I do know is that I prefer their lighter clean vocal era to the death/doom metal beginnings, which might be considered weird on the website for a death/doom metal band. Anyway, here’s my stab at it! Don’t miss my countdown of the best Anathema albums right here on the site.

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Anathema full-length discography

  • Serenades, 1993
  • The Silent Enigma, 1995
  • Eternity, 1996
  • Alternative 4, 1998
  • Judgement, 1999
  • A Fine Day to Exit, 2001
  • A Natural Disaster, 2003
  • Hindsight, 2008
  • We’re Here Because We’re Here, 2010
  • Falling Deeper, 2011
  • Weather Systems, 2012
  • Distant Satellites, 2014
  • The Optimist, 2017

20. “Untouchable, Part 1” (Weather Systems, 2012)

The “Untouchable” two-part combo are among my all-time most played Anathema songs. Beside being two fantastic pieces of emotional music, it cemented their lighter era as something just as good as their darker output.

19. “Judgement” (Judgement, 1999)

“Judgement” is packed with amazing songs, but the way the title track goes from brooding to the big crescendo always gets me. Would be interesting to hear this one live at some point.

18. “Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected)” (Hindsight, 2008)

Danny channeling Nick Drake can’t go wrong. “Unchained” is a forgotten track from an album of re-recordings, but damn it’s good!

17. “Harmonium” (A Natural Disaster)

“A Natural Disaster” is a very underrated album, and that includes opening track “Harmonium”. Really nice post rock vibes in this one.

16. “Anyone, Anywhere” (Judgement, 1999)

“Judgement” has plenty of songs that are mindblowingly depressing. “Anyone, Anywhere” is the most striking. The lyrics to the acoustic start is one of my favorites to play and sing, and the more intense parts do not disappoint.

15. “Untouchable, Part 2” (Weather Systems, 2012)

Part 2 encompasses part 1 for me. Just a super-emotional song that demonstrates everything that is so good about the lighter Anathema era.

14. “Everything” (We’re Here Because We’re Here, 2010)

Being on the same album as “Dreaming Light” is not easy, but this emotional song in a similar style is a favorite of mine.

13. “Release” (A Fine Day to Exit, 2001)

This song is shock-filled with cool guitar and vocal moves. The vocal lines put me in a trance every time. Very underrated song that would be cool to hear live at some point.

12. “Universal” (We’re Here Because We’re Here, 2010)

An underrated epic from their newer era. The way it builds up feels like a prequel to electronic epics on the “Distant Satellites” album.

11. “Emotional Winter” (Judgement, 1999)

A darkly proggy sleeper-favorite from the “Judgement” album. The chorus is one of the best Vincent moments, the song really explodes.

10. “Thin Air” (We’re Here Because We’re Here, 2010)

Underrated opener from 2010’s “We’re Here Because We’re Here”. Always a delight to hear live with the gorgeous emotion and everlasting flow of appealing vocal lines.

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9. “Dreaming Light” (We’re Here Because We’re Here, 2010)

A very popular new song that shows just how far Anathema has come from their early roots. Perhaps the best pop ballad style song the band has made so far.

8. “Temporary Peace” (A Fine Day to Exit, 2001)

Calming, progressive rock tune from “A Fine Day to Exit” that only got better on the re-recorded “Hindsight” version.

7. “Re-Connect” (Alternative 4, 1998)

Really underrated “Alternative 4” track with great dynamics and heart-wrenching lyric themes.

6. “Angelica” (Eternity, 1996)

The first track of progressive era Anathema, and a great one. Vincent’s voice may be technically imperfect in this early stage, but the emotion is definitely there.

5. “Pitiless” (Judgement, 1999)

“Judgement” is shock-filled with brilliant songs, and it’s hard to find a runner-up to “Deep”. “Pitiless” qualifies though, exploding into a heart-wrenching chorus that is typical Anathema goodness.

4. “Are You There?” (A Natural Disaster, 2003)

One of the few songs with Danny on lead vocals, and what a song it is. His understated voice makes this calm, atmospheric track one you absolutely cannot miss!

3. “Deep” (Judgement, 1999)

“Deep” was my first contact with the bands and remains one of my favorite Anathema songs. Great contemporary guitar melodies, incredible vocals, striking lyrics.. what else do you need?

2. “Empty” (Alternative 4, 1998)

A hauntingly dark track with an original sound thanks to the electronic style drum loop, and simple but effective leads. One of Vincent’s most raw vocal performances.

1. “Summer Night Horizon” (We’re Here Because We’re Here, 2010)

A more explosive take on the newer, positive Anathema sound. It’s a very bombastic tune where the many vocal talents in the band shine their brightest at the same time.

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