20 best Nevermore songs

Nevermore is one of my favorite bands and this is my list of the 20 best Nevermore songs. It’s not easy to pick songs since all the albums are filled with quality material. The Nevermore sound was also quite varied over their career, making it quite hard to compare songs from different eras. Anyway, here is my go at it!

20. The Psalm of Lydia (“This Godless Endeavor”, 2005)

Fairly straightforward song by Nevermore standards, but very good nonetheless. Dreamy verses and a catchy chorus crescendo hooks comes together nicely. I also like the little “Holy Wars” style clean guitar break in the middle of the song.

19. The Seven Tongues of God (“The Politics of Ecstacy”, 1996)

The introduction to “The Politics of Ecstacy” is much like the rest of the album: angry, intricate and original. The technical mid-tempo thrash riffing pairs perfectly with Warrel’s dramatic vocal delivery.

18. Next in Line (“The Politics of Ecstacy”, 1996)

The “Next in Line” chorus is one of the most instantly memorable Nevermore moments. If vocal hooks and atmosphere wasn’t enough, it also brings more of the mid-tempo thrash riffing from the previous song on the list.

17. My Acid Words (“This Godless Endeavor”, 2005)

This song sounds like a Scandinavian melodic death metal song in places. Nevermore completely makes it their own though, as Warrel delivers both spiteful verses and a melodic chorus that get instantly stuck in my head.

16. No More Will (“Dreaming Neon Black”, 1999)

Extremely depressing song that still manages to bring some solid thrash metal riffs to the table. Warrel is the star of this one though, delivering the vocal lines with fantastic conviction.

Nevermore full-length discography

  • Nevermore, 1995
  • The Politics of Ecstasy, 1996
  • Dreaming Neon Black, 1999
  • Dead Heart in a Dead World, 2000
  • Enemies of Reality, 2003
  • This Godless Endeavor, 2005
  • The Obsidian Conspiracy, 2010

15. What Tomorrow Knows (“Nevermore”, 1995)

Very simple song by Nevermore standards, but I really like the rhythm and the vocal lines.

14. This Sacrament (“The Politics of Ecstacy”, 1996)

This song has a huge sound, combining midtempo technical thrash metal and Warrel’s dramatic vocals perfectly. Very headbangable and epic at the same time.

13. The Fault of the Flesh (“Dreaming Neon Black”, 1999)

A strangely groovy song where Nevermore once again embarks on adventures where they completely disregard genre conventions. Warrel delivers some very memorable and striking vocals lines as well.

12. I, Voyager (“Enemies of Reality”, 2003)

“Enemies of Reality” is an angry, imperfect and messy album. This song uses that to its full advantage. It has the same modern seven string groove from “Dead Heart in a Dead World” album. It’s just much less polished, for good and bad.

11. Inside Four Walls (“Dead Heart in a Dead World”, 2000)

One of the songs that initially got me into Nevermore. It has that modern groove metal touch to it, in the way that only Nevermore could use it. Very strong vocal and lyrical themes as well. Instantly memorable.

10. Deconstruction (“Dreaming Neon Black”, 1999)

Showcases Nevermore’s musical variation very well, as it seemlessly goes from epic to groove metal stomper and back to epic. Very interesting guitar solo as well, that even starts out on acoustic guitar.

9. 42147 (“The Politics of Ecstacy”, 1996)

Mixes aggressive thrash metal with trippy psychadelic music perfectly. Otherwordly instrumental work, especially lead and clean guitars, goes perfectly with Warrel’s desperate vocal approach.

8. The Death of Passion (“Dreaming Neon Black”, 1999)

Quirky track with very interesting and original rhythms. Molds very well with Warrel’s pained vocal delivery.

7. Poison Godmachine (“Dreaming Neon Black”, 1999)

One of the most aggressive cuts on the dynamic “Dreaming Neon Black” album. Warrel goes on a glorious frenzy against the media and modern society.

6. Engines of Hate (“Dead Heart in a Dead World”, 2000)

This song combines flashy instrumental acrobatics and compact songwriting perfectly. In your face vocal lines, guitar leads and creative drumming comes together perfectly in this one.

5. Enemies of Reality (“Enemies of Reality”, 2003)

Instantly recognizable tune with one of Nevermore’s catchiest choruses. Aside from the vocals, it’s filled with driving modern metal riffs and flashy leadwork.

4. The Politics of Ecstacy (“The Politics of Ecstacy”, 1996)

One of Nevermore’s angriest songs, as Warrel Dane spews hatred over society. The main theme is a nice stomping groove, but the truly remarkable part is the middle section that only could be described as psychadelic thrash metal. Quite a unique song.

3. The River Dragon Has Come (“Dead Heart in a Dead World”, 2000)

This is easily the best Nevermore song from the seven string guitar era. The riffs are a virtual clinic and sound heavy as fuck with the modern Andy Sneap production job. It also features one of my favorite Jeff Loomis solos.

2. The Learning (“The Politics of Ecstacy”, 1996)

“The Learning” is Nevermore’s ultimate opus. The epic beginning delivers a promise of a massive song, and the rest delivers. Heavy riffs and rhythms are perfectly intertwined with Warrel’s dramatic vocals.

1. Beyond Within (“Dreaming Neon Black”, 1999)

A perfect summary of the power of “Dreaming Neon Black”, being equally aggressive and atmospheric. The hooks are massive and the vocals are soaring. I love how it seemlessly wanders from thrashy to trippy and back to thrashy again. Perfect song and a worthy number one on this list.

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