20 best Candlemass songs

Sweden’s Candlemass is one of the most essential doom metal bands. They’ve made albums ranging from great to decent, but first and foremost they’ve created a bunch of immortal songs. This is my list of the 20 best Candlemass songs. Do you agree? Please comment with your own list if you have one!

20. “Witches” (Candlemass, 2005)

We kick it off with a super heavy modern song from the new Candlemass era. It’s a catchy, headbangable tune that I’m surprised that they haven’t played live more often.

19. “Dark Reflections” (Tales of Creation, 1989)

“Tales of Creation” is not one of my favorite Candlemass albums, but this unusually fast song for the old era gets in my top 20.

18. “Dark are the Veils of Death” (Nightfall, 1987)

Catchy hit from their second album with Messiah Marcolin in top shape.

17. “My Funeral Dreams” (Death Magic Doom, 2009)

The clean guitar intro on this song uses Robert Lowe in the best of ways. The rest of the songs is good as well, but the calm parts are the true value.

16. “Prophet” (Psalms of the Dead, 2012)

Kickass opening track from the last Candlemass album. Really nice mix between faster, melodic parts and crushing doom metal.

15. “The Bleeding Baroness” (Death Magic Doom, 2009)

The best songs from modern Candlemass usually go for the heavy grooves and this one is no different. Massive hooks on both guitar and vocals.

Candlemass with Messiah Marcolin

Candlemass with Messiah Marcolin

14. “Mirror Mirror” (Ancient Dreams, 1988)

Live staple driven by Messiah’s big vocal delivery. Truly the genre definition of epic doom metal.

13. “Emperor of the Void” (King of the Grey Islands, 2007)

The first Candlemass song featuring Robert Lowe is unusually fast. A very rocking tune with plenty of hooks.

12. “Hammer of Doom” (Death Magic Doom, 2009)

The signature live staple from the new Candlemass era. Unbelievably heavy Black Sabbath vibe on the verses and the uptempo ending part comes in just at the right time.

11. “Solitude” (Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, 1986)

Classic “Solitude” this far down?! I really love the track, but there are other songs from “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” that beats it for me.

Candlemass full-length discography

  •  Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, 1986
  • Nightfall, 1987
  • Ancient Dreams, 1988
  • Tales of Creation, 1989
  • Chapter VI, 1992
  • Dactylis Glomerata, 1998
  • From the 13th Sun, 1999
  • Candlemass, 2005
  • King of the Grey Islands, 2007
  • Death Magic Doom, 2009
  • Psalms for the Dead, 2012

10. “Embracing The Styx” (King of the Grey Islands, 2007)

Candlemass borrowed Slayer’s “Dead Skin Mask” riff for this new era epic. I really dig the vocal lines in this one, and the ending is breathtaking.

9. “Demon of the Deep” (Death Magic Doom, 2009)

Another newer song with calm parts that fit Robert Lowe perfectly. Picks the perfect moment to go heavy as well.

8. “Crystal Ball” (Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, 1986)

Classic Johan Längquist vocal lines are mixed with thrash metal tendencies in this debut album classic.

7. “Waterwitch” (Psalms of the Dead, 2012)

The last album is far from Candlemass best but this song is just epic as hell. It’s also taken to a whole new level live, with Mats Levén singing it.

6. “The Well of Souls” (Nightfall, 1987)

Classic Messiah-fronted doom metal with epic riffs and soaring vocal lines.

Candlemass with Robert Lowe

Candlemass with Robert Lowe

5. “Gothic Stone” (Nightfall, 1987)

I pretty much see this and “The Well of Souls” as one continous song. Filled with classic vocal lines and signature doom.

4. “A Sorcerer’s Pledge” (Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, 1986)

The closing track takes the epicness of the debut album into overdrive.

3. “Demon’s Gate” (Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, 1986)

Another immortal debut classic, equally epic to the closing track. The heavy riffs and Johan’s vocalist are weaved together perfectly in this massive song.

2. “Under the Oak” (Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, 1986)

From the Diamond Head-inspired heavy intro riff to the weepy acoustic parts, this is a true Candlemass classic. One of Johan Längquist’s strongest vocal performances too, if not the strongest.

1. “At the Gallows End” (Nightfall, 1987)

The ultimate Candlemass song for me is one of their most famous classics. It’s the ultimate track for a bunch of reasons; it’s emotional, catchy and very heavy at once.

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