15 best Ulver songs

Ulver is a Norwegian black metal band turned electronic. The band recently made a move from the more experimental side of electronic music to a more synthpop-influenced sound on 2017’s “The Assassination of Julius Caesar”. This is my list of the 15 best Ulver songs. I’ve been on an Ulver kick for quite a while so it’s the perfect time to make one.

There’s going to be a lack of older songs on it, but that’s just my taste. Also, an honorary mention to the “Svidd Neger” soundtrack which I think is awesome. It just doesn’t have any songs that stand out on their own as hits. It’s an album experience.

15. So Falls the World (“The Assassination of Julius Caesar”, 2017)

This album is so strong that even non-standouts make it into the top 15 Ulver songs. It’s a midtempo electronic song with a charismatic Garm delivery, before turning into a quite intense explosion of beats.

14. The Future Sound of Music (“Perdition City”, 2000)

Bombastic electronic piece that really pushes the limits on Ulver’s experimentation. Many Ulver songs go quite crazy with the dynamics, but this is probably the most extreme example.

13. Like Music (“Shadows of the Sun”, 2007)

Quite representative for the “Shadows of the Sun” album overall. Subtle electronic melodies and Garm’s calm baritone delivery dominates.

12. Porn Piece or the Scars of Cold Kisses (“Perdition City”, 2000)

This Ulver song is quite a trip.The piano piece in the start is as simple as it is gorgeous. The solemn nature of the intro soon morphs into an experimental maze of electronics, before turning calm again. Garm enters and delivers some quirky vocal lines before the song goes back into electronic experimentation.

11. Island (“Wars of the Roses”, 2011)

I haven’t fallen for “Wars of the Roses”, but “Island” certainly is a cool song. It’s filled with understated Garm vocal lines and mystic atmosphere.

10. Capitel I: I Troldskog faren vild (“Bergtatt: Et eeventyr i 5 capitler “, 1995)

So weird to cram a folky black metal song in amongst the electronic tracks, but I love Garm’s angelic vocals on this one.

9. Hallways of Always (“Perdition City”, 2000)

Trippy song with a great buildup and pacing. Adventurous, dark and apocalyptic, like much of “Perdition City”.

8. Southern Gothic (“The Assassination of Julius Caesar”, 2017)

Garm really channels his inner Dave Gahan in this one. Awesome, upbeat synthpop track with irresistable vocal hooks.

7. Shadows of the Sun (“Shadows of the Sun”, 2007)

One of the more dynamic songs on the mostly quiet “Shadows of the Sun” album. Very impressive Garm vocal range and creative use of electronic sounds.

6. Transverberation (“The Assassination of Julius Caesar”, 2017)

Heavy synthpop beats and Garm’s characteristic voice is an unbeatable combination. Strong Depeche Mode vibes in the best way possible.

5. Angelus Novus (“The Assassination of Julius Caesar”, 2017)

One of the darker and more experimental songs on “The Assassination of Julius Caesar”. Fantastic electronic soundscapes and vocals.

4. Nemoralia (“The Assassination of Julius Caesar”, 2017)

“Nemoralia” is the opening track from Ulver’s dive into straight synthpop. It’s a gloriously catchy song with great drive and perfect Garm vocal lines. The song caught me immediately and prepared for me for the awesomeness that is “The Assassination of Julius Caesar”.

3. All the Love (“Shadows of the Sun”, 2007)

Fantastic vocal melodies, subtle instrumentation and meaningful lyrics. The theme in the end blends right into the next song “Like Music” perfectly.

2. Eos (“Shadows of the Sun”, 2007)

“Shadows of the Sun” is a gorgeous piece of understated melancholy and “Eos” is the perfect introduction. Garm’s soft baritone voice guides us through the minimalism perfectly.

1. Lost in Moments (“Perdition City”, 2000)

Crazy mix between Massive Attack beats, psychadelic vocals and saxophones. I love how the loud triphop beats come crashing in, and they’re even better the second time when they return in the end of the song.

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