10 best Neurosis songs by Stefan Nordström

This is my list of the 10 best Neurosis songs. I’m aware that it might be blasphemy, since the band is the textbook definition of an “album band”. But screw it, I’ll make this list anyway.

I got into Neurosis pretty late, but over the last few years they’ve grown into one of my favorite bands. They really are one of those bands that slowly grow on you until you fully get them. Seeing them live was a big part of realizing their magic, so I highly recommend that you do that if you get the opportunity.

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Neurosis discography

  • Pain of Mind, 1988
  • The Word as Law, 1990
  • Souls at Zero, 1992
  • Enemy of the Sun, 1993
  • Through Silver in Blood, 1996
  • Times of Grace, 1999
  • A Sun That Never Sets, 2001
  • The Eye of Every Storm, 2004
  • Given to the Rising, 2007
  • Honor Found in Decay, 2012
  • Fires within Fires, 2016

10. My Heart for Deliverance

It took me a long time to warm up to “Honor Found in Decay”, but once I did I really started loving it. “My Heart for Deliverance” is one of the album’s biggest-sounding and most atmospheric songs, and a wonderful one at that.

9. Lost

“Are you lost?”. Yes, I will be. Once this songs starts rolling. This is the oldest Neurosis song I enjoy, and damn it’s sweet! You can really tell that they started finding their core sound here.

8. Stones from the Sky

From the peaceful beginning to the chaos in the end, this is one of the most classic Neurosis songs that truly show off their sound in full fashion.

7. Times of Grace

The heavy riff in this one is unbelievable heavy, and the whole song is just a classic Neurosis overload. I’m not sure exactly what to say except that this song simply displays everything the band is great at.

6. Given to the Rising

Neurosis like to do things slow, but not on this track; it comes in with a bang instead. Massive song!

5. Burn

“The Eye of Every Storm” was the first Neurosis album I liked, and “Burn” kicks it off. I’m surprised they don’t play this song live from time to time, because it’s an absolute monster.

4. No River to Take Me Home

Next on the list: another wonderful track from “The Eye of Every Storm”. This is an unusually structured and linear track, but the melodies and overall atmosphere just sucks me in every time. Beautiful song!

3. A Shadow Memory

2016’s “Fires within Fires” feels a bit underrated, and the album’s highlight is “A Shadow Memory”. It drones for a while, but when it gets heavy it turns into one of the most intense Neurosis songs. I really think it’s a masterpiece that deserves its spot among the top 3 songs.

2. Locust Star

“Locust Star” is one of the most famous Neurosis songs for good reason. The atmosphere is just suffocating and works so well as the album’s desperate crescendo. Not to mention the ever-smashing “star reign down on you” part.

1. The Tide

But there’s one song that tops “Locust Star” for me, and that’s “The Tide”. This song just has everything that makes Neurosis great. It has tender atmospheric moments and an aggressive onslaught, all in one. There’s just something so primal and natural about their music, and that’s so well displayed in this one!

Do you like doom metal and/or death metal?

I know Neurosis aren’t doom metal, and certainly not death metal. But I’ll take my chances anyway. How about checking out my bands? I play in several projects, but my two central ones are Soliloquium (progressive death/doom metal) and Desolator (old school death metal).


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