“The Discarded” is the second song from Soliloquium’s third full-length album “Things We Leave Behind”. It’s also the second single. “The Discarded” features Mikko Heikkilä on guest clean vocals.

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“The Discarded” background story

Changing perspective from inward to collective has been a slow, natural process in Soliloquium’s themes. In “Procession” (“An Empty Frame”, 2016), I started thinking about the things I’ve seen. All the unsympathetic, almost inhuman treatment of people deemed imperfect or lacking the means to an end. Deliver or disappear, it seems.

I’ve seen it socially, in workplaces and in society overall. For a small deviancy, it seems like you can be denied everything. You quickly become an outsider. People are simply discarded. We condemn many people to loneliness and shame for all types of inadequacies. It often spirals into vicious circles of mental illness and other issues. Most turn the blind eye.

Frankly, I’ve just found humans so damn inhumane lately.

“The Discarded” lyrics

As waste are the unworthy, the dregs of life
The defect, the defiant, the unwilling
A crumbling life equation
Consistently endorsed by fingers crossed

Frustration and contempt, a bitter pastime
Deemed unbecoming by pitiful design

Our search of peace is but a burden
Monetized, stigmatized, conformed
Succumb to the frustration
Of a material pursuit that was never ours

We are misplaced in life
Far from the favoured circles
Left to wander, no signs of relief
Meanwhile the shadows grew vast

We sing the song of the discarded
We sing the song of the discarded ones

Lacrimose sleep yields no resolutions
Dulled ambitions of the sufferer
Constructing thoughts in vain
The escapist’s maze of mind
Cannot defeat the shackles of reality

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