Time for you guys to finally hear a full song from the new Soliloquium album “Things We Leave Behind”. The song we’ve chosen as the first single is chugging, desperate opening track “Dead Ends”. Read the lyrics and the full story of the song in my in-depth post about the song. If you just want to blast it on full volume, proceed to the music embeds below.

Remember that the best way to support and underground metal band such as Soliloquium is to buy digital music or merch on our Bandcamp page. If you’re a streamer, just blast away on Spotify. Anyways.. I hope you will enjoy “Dead Ends” and, eventually, the full “Things We Leave Behind” album that comes out 16 March 2020 on Naturmacht Productions/Rain Without End Records.

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“Dead Ends” lyrics

Flightless, we stand
Firmly on the cursed soil
Was there a war to win?
Racing the clock to no avail

Life has come to a halt
We’re still compelled to carry on

Deterioration sets in
Times of forfeiture
A lingering ghost of what once was
Absent-minded, obsolete

Warning signs were ignored
Plunging towards the crossroads
Degraded to nothing
Dead end existence

I turned every wretched stone
Degraded to nothing in toxic thought
I just don’t know where to turn
I just do not know

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