Desolator - Creatures of Habit music video - old school Swedish death metal, 2021

We’re happy to present the brand-new Desolator music video for “Creatures of Habit”. The video combines a twisted story and some good old-fashioned death metal headbanging. If you dig the video, please give it a like and a share!

The song is from the 2020 full-length album “Sermon of Apathy”.

“Creatures of Habit” music video credits

The video was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden during two occasions in 2020 and 2021.


  • Stefan Nordström – guitars, vocals, lyrics
  • Joakim Rudemyr – guitars, vocals
  • Jonas Bergkvist – bass
  • Victor Parri – drums


  • Story/concept by Jonas Bergkvist
  • Recording, production and editing by NRDFLX Visuals

“Creatures of Habit” lyrics

Creatures of habit befoul the earth, in a mission to replicate
The safety of the blindfold, the footsteps of the mindless herd

An obsolete machinery, persistent clockwork
A call for devotion absent reward
In organized chaos, manipulation is key
The ear of the herd, an implement of power

Hail the senselessness, hail the empty throne

Condone the sceptic and the deviant
Glorify, celebrate
Validate the madness
For which you bleed your lifesblood away

Wake from your sleep, first-world enslavement
Held at costly ransom by the poison of ideals

The downward fall seems dramatic
From a height constructed
The constant threat of culling the herd
Keeping the farce in character

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Desolator 2020 - old school Swedish death metal

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