10 best Entombed songs

This my list of the 10 best Entombed songs. Most of my favorite Entombed songs are from the first three albums, but a few from 2001’s “Morning Star” have sneaked in as well. On the site there is also a list of the 10 best Dismember songs, as well as the 50 best Swedish death metal bands.

Five songs that almost made it

  • But Life Goes On (“Left Hand Path”, 1990)
  • Chief Rebel Angel (“Morning Star”, 2001)
  • Out of Hand (“Wolverine Blues”, 1993)
  • Sinners Bleed (“Clandestine”, 1991)
  • Wolverine Blues (“Wolverine Blues”, 1993)

10. Ensemble of the Restless (“Morning Star”, 2001)

“Ensemble of the Restless” breaks the death n’ roll pattern on the album and goes all out berserk. It’s shamelessly to the point, fast and aggressive. Great hooks too (“Is it the truth or your image that makes your life worth living?”. Perhaps the most underrated song in the entire Entombed discography.

9. When Life Has Ceased (“Left Hand Path”, 1990)

One of the lesser known songs on the “Left Hand Path” album. It’s a great slab of D-beat death metal that is typical for the Stockholm scene in this period. The slow, doomy section in the middle also has some great atmosphere. Not to mention the insane scream that comes just at the right time in the middle of it.

8. Eyemaster (“Wolverine Blues”, 1993)

Most of the “Wolverine Blues” album comes across as way too simplified and rock for me to compete with the first two albums. “Eyemaster” really rules though. It’s got a rock n’ roll attitude and Clandestine-influenced songwriting that’s all over the place. The chorus is also unforgettable.

Soliloquium on Bandcamp

7. I For An Eye (“Morning Star”, 2001)

Instrumentally, this song isn’t really that special. The whole picture is merciless though. LG delivers Tom Araya-influenced godhating vocal lines like there’s no tomorrow. The best song from their whole death n’ roll era for me.

6. Revel in Flesh (“Left Hand Path”, 1990)

The riff blueprint for so new many Swedish death metal worshippers. It takes the chaotic punk influences of early Stockholm death metal to the max. It’s also impossible to not love the mad scream at 03:20.

5. Living Dead (“Clandestine”, 1991)

Classic intro, classic verse, classic hooks. The “Clandestine” album is gloriously chaotic and messy, and the opening track is no different. Breakdowns and drum fills attack the listener constantly, and their not even half as chaotic as Nicke Andersson’s deranged vocal delivery.

4. Left Hand Path (“Left Hand Path”, 1990)

What has not been said about “Left Hand Path”? The outro is one of the most classic moments in death metal, and the rest of the song is awesome as well.

3. Chaos Breed (“Clandestine”, 1991)

One of the least quirky songs on “Clandestine”. “Chaos Breed” sounds more like a thrash metal version of the “Left Hand Path” sound. It’s extremely catchy and has a crushing start-stop breakdown that remains one of the coolest moments in the Entombed discography.

2. Crawl (“Clandestine”, 1991)

Fades in on one of the most recognizable Entombed riffs and remains in the same pace for the most of the song. It doesn’t have as much speed as the other songs on this list, but it compensates by being heavy and catchy as hell. Nicke’s vocals are all over the place, playing off the background music perfectly.

1. Drowned (“Left Hand Path”, 1990)

Another instantly recognizable and influential Entombed riff kicks off this song. This tremolo section and pacing has been copied by countless bands, but the original is still the best. “Drowned” also some interesting variations in pacing. Breakdowns kick in with surgical precision, making it the best live (and studio, duh) song Entombed has to offer.

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