10 best Dismember songs

This is a list of the 10 best Dismember songs. Dismember is one of my favorite death metal bands, and the ultimate Swedish death metal band for me. There are many good Dismember songs, so it was quite hard to find the best ones. If you want to find more Swedish death metal bands, you can check out my list of the 50 best ones right here on the site. I also have a list of the 10 best Entombed songs.

5 Dismember songs that almost made the list

  • Black Sun (“Dismember”, 2008)
  • Bleed for Me (“Like an Everflowing Stream”, 1991)
  • Silent are the Watchers (“Death Metal”, 1997)
  • Soon to Be Dead (“Like an Everflowing Stream”, 1991)
  • Where Ironcrosses Grow (“Where Ironcrosses Grow”, 2004)

10. Misanthropic (“Death Metal”, 1997)

Ridicilously catchy melodeath piece from Dismember’s fourth full-length album. Matti Kärki’s ferocious vocal attack blends well with the infectious riffs. Proof that melodic death metal sounds best with a HM-2 pedal.

9. Dreaming in Red (“Indecent and Obscene”, 1993)

The visceral melodic bass intro hints of a classic Dismember song, and “Dreaming in Red” really is. While it is aggressive at times, it’s also Dismember at their most sorrowful. An epic well worth its place in the top 10.

8. Souldevourer (“Indecent and Obscene”, 1993)

Sounds a bit like a remnant of the “Pieces” EP from 1992. It’s way more manic than the usually structured Dismember songs. It’s interesting how the song fades out on one of the best riffs, always making it feel like it ends prematurely.

7. Of Fire (“Death Metal”, 1997)

Perhaps Dismember’s ultimate melodic death metal tune. The “Death Metal” album borrows a lot from At the Gates “Slaughter of the Soul”, only with the chainsaw guitar tune and Stockholm style growls intact. This song is infectious as hell, and the fast parts serve as a great counterpart to the breakdown that comes along towards the end of the song.

6. Skin Her Alive (“Like an Everflowing Stream”, 1991)

Getting sued for a song is quite a feat, and “Skin Her Alive” is certainly violent in terms of aesthetics as well. Two minutes of plummeling fast beats. The gory chorus is also immensely catchy.

Dismember full-length discography

  • Like an Everflowing Stream, 1991
  • Indecent and Obscene, 1993
  • Massive Killing Capacity, 1995
  • Death Metal, 1997
  • Hate Campaign, 2000
  • Where Ironcrosses Grow, 2004
  • The God That Never Was, 2006
  • Dismember, 2008

5. Fleshless (“Indecent and Obscene”, 1993)

Don’t know how to open up your second album? Just scream and play fast and it’ll work out fine. “Fleshless” is a fairly simple old school death metal songs, but damn effective. It mixes typical Dismember tremolo riffs with a really catchy breakdown that demands headbanging.

4. Dismembered (“Like an Everflowing Stream”, 1991)

A long, melodic NWOBHM-inspired intro leads into one of Dismember’s most classic tunes. What could’ve been an early melodic death metal staple soon turns into chaos, as vicious blastbeats and Matti Kärki’s deranged screams come crashing in. The songwriting is incredibly mature and smartfor such a young band.

3. Pieces (“Pieces”, 1992)

The production on “Pieces” is as fucked up as it is fitting, and the tracks are equally chaotic. Matti Kärki’s vocals are completely out of control. He only sounds this broken and chaotic in Murder Squad. Throws the usually structured Dismember songwriting out the window, with interesting results.

2. Override of the Overture (“Like an Everflowing Stream”, 1991)

The intro riff in this song is the ultimate Swedish death metal riff. It’s semi-melodic, ultra-catchy chainsaw guitar candy, and the rest of the song matches its quality. As a counterpart to the strucured intro, more punky riffs come crashing in, along with Matti Kärki’s gorgeously deranged vocal acrobatics.

1. Skinfather (“Indecent and Obscene”, 1993)

“Skinfather” merges the oldschool brutality of the debut with the rock n’ roll catchiness of what was to come on “Massive Killing Capacity”. The result is a Dismember classic. It’s perfect for the speedy mosh, and the breakdown with the classic line “why don’t you just kill yourself” will be stuck on your head for weeks.

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