English death/doom metal

The english style of death/doom metal was largely defined by Anathema, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride in the early 90’s. Paradise Lost was more based in an aggressive old school death metal aesthetic while Anathema and My Dying Bride focused on gloom, sorrow and absolute atmosphere. The style layed the groundwork for later happened in Sweden. Katatonia often cites Paradise Lost as one of their main influences.

All three english death doom greats are still active to this day: My Dying Bride mixed up their death/doom with some gothic metal tendencies, but still kept their growled vocals. Anathema has turned into a symphonic rock band completely without traces of death doom metal. Paradise Lost recently returned to a sound with elements of death metal after playing around with several different styles over the years.

Modern English death/doom metal

To my knowledge, there aren’t any notable bands from England playing death/doom metal right now. If anyone wants to prove me wrong, I’d love some band recommendations! Update: I found a 2017 release by the band The Crawling that sounds pretty cool. Check out the video below:

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