Soliloquium - Finality music video, progressive death doom metal, 2022

Soliloquium’s latest album “Soulsearching” was released a few months ago, but we saved one of the coolest parts until now: the music video for “Finality”. The video was filmed in Cascais, Portugal in early 2022 with the help of Tiago Silva and Guido Lisioli. It shows off Portugal’s dramatic landscapes, which wound up fitting the apocalyptic music perfectly.

Video editing by Tiago Silva (Doomsday Videos). Music and lyrics by Stefan Nordström.

  • Stefan Nordström – guitars, vocals
  • Jonas Bergkvist – bass
  • Xines – drums
  • Jari Lindholm – keyboards, mixing, mastering

“Finality” lyrics

Bring me to the very edge and pull me back
The view over the abyss, I can see forever
One last high, or one final low
An endmost touch significant

Blackbird eyes in the dawning half-light
Shadows amiss with jesters
The turmoil that mortality invokes
Realization of impermanence

Growing hunger, resilient need
Walls of damaged reason I weave
What lies hidden in the dark
What lies clouded by constraint

Longing for storm’s end, the bittersweet comfort
Linear absolutes I cannot escape, challenger of the preordained
What was once unbroken, what was once concealed
What has been foretold, what has been forgotten

Engaged in thought, to make the most
Entangled, until we forget to live
The narrative’s confinement, every scenario played out
Wreaking silent havoc, our lingering finality

The ramblings of broken men
Dire tales of displaced innocence
Distant horizons in the seeker’s eyes
Intentions aside, lonely days ensue

In the unknowing, the key beyond the veil
Purpose eludes me still

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