Soliloquium - When Silence Grows Venomous

Here you can find the lyrics for the Soliloquium demo “When Silence Grows Venomous”, featuring two songs: “Garden of Truculence” and “Autumn State”.

Garden of Truculence

Blistering cold
Human lepers scratching the door
The isolation warms
A welcome sense of cabin fever

A draconian sense of ecstasy
Reviewing this pale existence
An outsider’s perspective
Tainted and distorted

Drawn into threads of life
A pawn in wretched games
This collective breeze of steaming anguish
Corrupting my path

A garden of truculence awaits
The abhorrence of the world outside these doors
Elusive cures for wretched tears
The absence of all humanity

Driven to destruction
Becoming one in your mold
Lowering myself to pointless battles
Losing all sense of self

The transparency of devious words
The obscenity of human discourse
Enslavement in a torn creation
An arena for the futile

Aspirations beyond the mundane
Construction of thoughts anew
The collapse of illusory dreams
and the bitter disappointment

The sour taste of corrosion and defeat
A bleak outcry upon weathered ears
Relive the anguish
Paint the walls with spite
Allow the bitterness
To cripple the last will

Autumn State

The silence grows venomous
As we struggle through each day
Foul season of affliction
Upon us vehemently

This sullen autumn backdrop
Providing proper context
A befitting canvas
For our ever rotting minds

Confined to fighting inner demons
Never seize the day
Cornered and entrapped
Faring through ephemeral joys

Procrastinate and linger
Decrepify our lives
Bound by towering woes
A half existence raging on

Autumn state
No sight of hope beneath the grey dusk
Living life away with no sense of purpose
Autumn state
No sight of hope beneath the grey dusk
Searching for an unseen truth

Forever seeking what we cannot find
Rays of vivid light or chilling breeze
Cursed to never seize the moment
Immersed in thoughts of better days

Watch the hourglass grow empty
While drifting in confusion
Lost in plans of a distant tomorrow
Or grief over shattered yesterdays

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