Soliloquium - The Concept of Escape (death doom metal from Sweden)

Here you can find the lyrics for the Soliloquium EP “The Concept of Escape”, featuring three songs: “Crossroads”, “Remnants of Dying Dreams” and “Nighttime Revelations”.


Rampant are the storms
Devious, these seas
These forces we try to master
Constant weakness to evade

A strife against the inborn
Nature of defeat
Exposure to noxious elements
The roads we blindly tread

Solitary ruin
Befalls me
The dreaded steps
From abandoned dreams

Tired well
Repeating stream
The concept of escape
It seems

We soldier on
An unknown path
For passions and dreams
No one shares

What happens when legs grow weary?
When life’s crossroads are but woes to suffer?
When I’m enclosed in my own mind
The repeating echo of spinning thoughts

A reflection in the window, what’s there to see?
A pale face, veil for vacant crowd
A year of sorrows, here we stand
No companion but smoldering remnants of dying dreams

Remnants of Dying Dreams

Weathered by storms, dispossessed
Broken down and once again whole
Scars remain left, lucid ghosts of the past
Lessons in failure, wandering free

Distorted embers of a life once lived
The delusions of hope, the brinks of despair
Prosperous ambitions laid to rest
The mephitic curse of incapacity

Ghoul like silence
The distant sound of whispers
A sensation of shadows moving
Through these empty halls

Every new sensation
An expected burden, a repeating pattern
Steaming disappointments
A collection of crosses to bear

Remnants of my dying dreams
Monuments of burning atrophy
Remnants of my dying dreams
Triumphant times, nothing but a memory

Every twist, every turn of season
Bearing tragedy and woe
A destiny it seems
To seek and never find

Nighttime Revelations

Darkening, the dead of night
A distant shine of city lights
These barren halls echo empty
Sleep fails to come to my avail

Reanimate these tiring movements
An aimless masquerade
Limbs react reluctantly

Repeating events
Worn down roads
Familiar faces flock the pathways
An infernal design
Beneath the surface lingers
An idle sense of desperation

Procrastinations emerge
Days mold into one
Becomes a way of life
Machine like motions that fill the day

Sleep, a woeful concept
As nightmares plague the hours
Stare upon a ticking clock, a gloomy window
The silence of a sleeping world
Tomorrow’s turmoil infecting the night
A perpetual state of panic

These nighttime revelations
Abandoned dreams that haunt my sleep
Ever present consternation
Thoughts of past and future dread

These nighttime revelations
Abandoned dreams that haunt my sleep
Ever present consternation
Avid companion of night

Vacant eyes in clouded hibernation
Collision course with a vibrant world
Vexatious storms beyond the daily pace
The affliction of the outcast

Pervasive nothingness
Erupting, eroding
I wield and I havoc
I stab and I scream

As daylight arrives
A continuing search
For the ineffable
Concept of escape

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