Here you can find the lyrics for the Soliloquium full-length album “An Empty Frame”, as well as the lyrics for other Soliloquium releases. You can stream and download all Soliloquium music from the Soliloquium Bandcamp page.

Eye of the Storm

The allure of chaos, the raging tempest
Cling to life in the starting blocks
As the hourglass grows emptier still

Enduring, wallow in weakness of mine
The crack in the looking glass
To alone tread the pathways in light of spring
To have nothing has never been such bliss

Is it rain or tears?
Savage climate or brooding fears
A labyrinth of years
This darkness is mine through the eye of every storm

The slowing of heartbeats

Ambition’s flame continually burns
Leaves me to wonder when the limelight is mine to enter

To leave this place and soar beyond the vast terrains
But a recurring dream, never quite in reach
The nighttime world, its damaged poetry
Its soothing tones, its healing silence

Earthly Confine

This is not the place where dreams take flight
This won’t be the day ambitions are realized
The tired lightsource, spring escaping me
This is not the place where dreams take flight

In this earthly confine hours linger by
“Any place but here”, we repeat in sullen tone

What’s left to strive for in a garden of fear?
Clashing wills, tired days
Constant pressure heals no wound
We find ourselves begging for release

Lessons expensively learned, you pass by in time of need
Carve a word or two, quench the noise
We’ve come a long way to be wayward still
Adrift in endless sea, a companion of silence

The Sorrow Path

A numbing sense of dissonance, as nails in tired eyes
Another day when choices and aspirations fail to provide result
When fear of failure encompasses will to try
When familiar demons take hold to never let go

It’s that time again, it’s a night of burdens
It’s the veil of night, the sorrow path

Themes grow old, seasons repeat
A pale reaction to what once was all
From nothing to everything, adrift in infinite void
Forever the reluctant passenger searching release

With or Without

Reflections, red and white
Light source upon pavement
The radiance of a sleeping city
Rid of the burdens of day

Who are we to fight rising tides?
Struggling further with no reward
With or without, it’s always the same
Entangled in chains of the past

Shaping purpose in empty existance, as fire from extinct ember
What is and what could have been, as day and night cycles again
To be free in containment, this harrowing dream
I remain the wayward seed

Time has escaped me, the passing of years
Stones left unturned, memories lurk in every corner
Echoes with unfettered power
The autumn when the city spoke to me

The Observer

Shake the disease lingering inside
Delayed reaction, the dread of expecting eyes
Withstanding weakness, weighed down in affliction
A grueling task in the best of times

Carried the burden, straining for a befitting answer
As time escaped me and senses grew pale
Lost in trains of thought, epiphanies beyond your distant smile
The noise of the world, I long to join them but dread every sound

To take the steps prescribed, clinging to solid ground
Living like I wasn’t ever here

To wander wayward empty still, to feel no calling strong enough
To watch the best of intensions wither
The end is nigh, my friend
Please let me sleep

The defect’s roaring storm, white noise and repetition
Here I stand as the observer, the empty frame


Inside the silent and pale hides the agony of worlds
To roam unprotected in daytime haste
It’s the sleep of the lonely, it’s the tragedies of man
It’s the curse of the defect
It’s a life passed, not lived

Childlike outbursts hides the old man’s woes
Feeble cries of the voice never heard
I dread these four walls, the mind’s eye’s secluded caverns
Forever caged in a fool’s procession

A sense of betrayal with every repeated word
Misguided comfort to still the rage inside
Surely I feel, you’ve all let me down
In lacrimose night I see, it is not the case

Tend my wounds, you may
Burnish the surface of scars that never heal
The grey of life’s torn fabric, a canvas befouled
The core of the darkest thought, only a hint of sorrows to come

Fear Not


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