Here you can read about the releases from the Swedish death/doom metal band Soliloquium. You can find links to downloads and streams on Bandcamp as well as lyrics and reviews.

When Silence Grows Venomous (demo, 2012)

Soliloquium - When Silence Grows Venomous

  1. Garden of Truculence
  2. Autumn State

The Concept of Escape (EP, 2013)

Soliloquium - The Concept of Escape (death doom metal from Sweden)

  1. Crossroads
  2. Remnants of Dying Dreams
  3. Nighttime Revelations

A Night of Burdens (EP, 2014)

Soliloquium - A Night of Burdens

  1. Perpetual State of Panic
  2. Forever Failure (Paradise Lost cover)
  3. Zombie (The Cranberries cover)

An Empty Frame (full length, 2016)

Soliloquium - an empty frame

  1. Eye of the Storm
  2. Earthly Confine
  3. The Sorrow Path
  4. With or Without
  5. The Observer
  6. Procession
  7. Fear Not

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