Soen is a bunch of talented who don’t hide their influences. Since the beginning, they’ve been a fairly clear mashup of Tool and Opeth, with some Katatonia and Pink Floyd thrown in for good measure. The obvious influences may stop them from becoming an influence of their own, but the band has certainly written some good songs over the years.

“Lucidity”, a fantastic song

Another one of these songs is “Lucidity”, the single that came out from “Lykaia” before its release. It’s a stripped, profound ballad where Joel Ekelöf’s sombre voice does most of the legwork. Despite, or maybe thanks to, the repetitive downtempo, the vocal lines and insightful lyrics really get to shine shine. The song crescendoes in a Pink Floyd-ish solo that David Gilmour probably wouldn’t be ashamed to call his own.

Soen is still the sum of their influences

The rest of the album is what I’ve come to expect from Soen, for good and bad. It’s well-produced progressive music performed by excellent musicians, but the influences are always clear as day. The heavier moments still revolve around Tool and Opeth too much to have a strong impact, and so do the vocal lines. It’s actually really hard to express how such high quality music can feel so derivative at the same time.

“Lykaia” is on par

This is still another solid addition to their discography and measures up well to “Cognitive” and “Tellurian”. I’ll definitely spin these songs more, but I still have the feeling this band has something bigger in them. Let’s hope for an explosion with album number four. The musical talent is certainly there to cause one.

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