Familiar musical territory, huh? Well, that is an understatement on this album. Interment’s “Scent of the Buried” embodies every Entombed and Dismember stereotype in the book. Interment has chainsaw distortion, abrasive mid range growls and shouted songtitles that are virtually just a mesh of cool words. The grumpy old man in me wants to start complaining about the lack of originality, but that monologue got cancelled due to involuntary movements in the neck region. This album is just too much fun to listen to.

Interment - Scent of the Buried review

I’d hate to bring up something as intangible as “spirit”, but I’m going to do it anyway. It really feels like Interment enjoyed making this record. It’s workman-like and punishing, an impression that’s accentuated by ‘s back to basics production job. You get just about the same experience on CD as when you watch a live gig with these guys.

The other reason is that there are some really catchy riffs and sequences on this record. “Sinister Incantation” goes into a Clandestine style breakdown that is as infectious as it is neckbreaking. The title track starts out with a doubletracked horror melody that would fit right in on Scream Bloody Gore, and erupts into a furious display of d-beat death metal. And of course, there are some faster songs too. It’s charming how absolutely uncompromised this is. You can tell that this is written by 25 year veterans, and not phoned in by some new school wannabes.

“Scent of the Buried” trumps most similar releases in 2016

Interment know exactly how and when to switch tempo. Most of the songs break into a blastbeat section, a jam or a breakdown that surprises enough to keep going for another track. It just comes across as more engaging than recent releases by similar acts like Demonical, Grave and Centinex. If you need a Swedish death metal refill in 2016, this is the place to find it.

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