A starting pack of death/doom metal songs is an easy way to get into the genre. Here are some of my favorite songs that should provide a good starting point. I’ll also try and vary the death/doom metal styles to give a good mix between harsh and melodic, as well as new and old. Enjoy, comment and share!

Anathema – Sunset of Age (“The Silent Enigma”, 1995)

Daylight Dies – Lies that Bind (“Dismantling Devotion”, 2006)

Doom:VS – Dead Words Speak (“Dead Words Speak”, 2008)

Hamferð – Vráin (“Vilst er síðsta fet”, 2010)

Katatonia – Murder (“Brave Murder Day”, 1996)

Mourning Beloveth – Narcissistic Funeral (“The Sullen Sulcus”, 2002)

October Tide – 12 Days of Rain (“Rain without End”, 1997)

Rapture – The Past Nightmares (“The Silent Stage”, 2005)

Slumber – Distress (“Fallout”, 2004)

Swallow the Sun – The Justice of Suffering (“Hope”, 2007)

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