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Death doom metal as a genre was spawned in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It combines the slow, mournful atmosphere from classic doom metal with the low, growled vocals from death metal. Soliloquium is heavily influenced by Katatonia, Anathema and Paradise Lost as well as some bands from the newer wave of death/doom like Slumber, Rapture and Daylight Dies. The genre name can be juggled in many ways, like death/doom, doom/death, death doom and doom death, with or without metal as a suffix.

Death/doom metal essentials

There is a lot of good death/doom out there. However, if you want to explore the death/doom metal genre by only checking out five albums, these are the ones to go for. This is also a good mix of influential classics, and modern contenders.

Katatonia - Brave Murder DayKatatonia – Brave Murder Day (1996)

Katatonia’s “Brave Murder Day” provides the blueprint for a lot of today’s death/doom metal, evident in bands like Rapture, Daylight Dies and Evadne. The sleepy, repetitive shoegaze-influenced 4/4 beats and monstrous growls creates something otherworldly that many bands try to replicate, with varying results.

  October Tide - Rain Without End October Tide – Rain Without End (1997)

October Tide is a Katatonia side project that is still active to this day. “Rain Without End” took the influences from “Brave Murder Day” in an old school melodic death metal direction, presenting some great songwriting and atmosphere. The album is drenched with a melancholy that October Tide, while remaining good, failed to recreate on its other albums.


Mourning Beloveth – The Sullen Sulcus (2002)

“The Sullen Sulcus” is an exhibition in death/doom metal on a majestic scale. The band relies on a My Dying Bride-based blueprint to create long, epic songs with dense atmosphere. Many bands with 10+ minute songs tend to bore me pretty fast, but I have no problem sitting through a full Mourning Beloveth album.


Slumber – Fallout (2004)

The reason to listen to this album is that the melodies are just out of this world. Guitars and keyboards are soaring with a triumphant sorrow that very few bands, if any, can replicate. It’s also much more musically complex than your average death/doom album. It also has a stunning level of songwriting; there is not a second of filler present.

Daylight Dies - Dismantling Devotion

Daylight Dies – Dismantling Devotion (2006)

A masterpiece in modern melodic death/doom metal that is as atmospheric as it is well-produced and polished. It’s perhaps not as original as the other albums on this list, but the emotional impact and the songwriting still makes it strong enough to be an essential release.


Death/doom metal bands

Here is our list of highly recommended death/doom metal bands:

Anathema (early)

Daylight Dies





Katatonia (early)

Kaunis Kuolematon

Mourning Beloveth


October Tide

Paradise Lost (early)



Swallow the Sun

Full list of recommended death/doom metal bands ->

Death/doom metal playlist

There are a lot of bands in the genre, and it can be hard to discover the good ones amongst the clutter. We have gathered our favorite death/doom metal bands and songs in a playlist on Youtube. Hopefully it will help you discover a new death/doom favorite. Check it out, and make sure to follow the account if you find it useful! There are also large playlists for other metal genres.

To the playlist

Death/doom metal songs

We also have a video up with Stefan’s top 10 death/doom metal songs. Great if you’re new to the genre, but you might discover something cool anyway.

Check the playlist out here

Soliloquium – free download

Soliloquium is a death/doom metal band from Stockholm, Sweden formed in 2011. We’ve released a bunch of EP’s and demos which you can check out on our releases page.  You can download all the music for free on our Bandcamp. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, so you won’t miss the latest updates!

Download/stream Soliloquium releases:

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