This is my list of unknown underground metal bands that for some reason haven’t found the audience they deserve. I will combine new underground metal bands with disbanded goodies that no one ever found out about. The list itself is a bit of a mess, but unknown and underrated they all are!

The focus will be on extreme metal styles like death metal and death/doom metal, but there will be other stuff on the list as well. Due to my tastes, there will be a lack of black metal and traditional heavy metal. If you like death metal, Katatonia, Nevermore or death/doom, you will be rewarded. Some of these bands are featured in my “10 best unknown underground metal bands no one knows about” YouTube video (below).

Unknown, underground metal bands YouTube video

Now, let’s dive into underground metal scene and find you some new bands. How many did you previously know? Comment if you found a new favorite! Also comment if I’m missing out on something awesome that should be on here. There’s also a Spotify playlist with the same theme below.

Antarktis (atmospheric sludge metal, Sweden)

Some of the members in this sludge metal band is mostly known from In Mourning. The material on Antarktis sole full-length album beats everything they did with the main band except “Shrouded Divine”. Expect quality atmospheric sludge inspired by Cult of Luna and Kongh. It’s not very original, but the songs and melodies are great.

Atten Ash (death/doom metal, USA)

Since Daylight Dies is not the fastest at releasing new material, why not listen to some Daylight Dies light instead? Atten Ash features guitarist Barre Gambling and has a vaguely familiar death/doom metal style.

Cold Insight (atmospheric death/doom metal, France)

Atmospheric death/doom metal from France with heavy drive as well as shoegazy moments.

Desolator (death metal, Sweden)

Swedish death metal band that started out as a typical old school death metal group before exploring a more American style, progressive sound. Disclaimer: I’m doing guitars and vocals for this band.

If you dig “Illusions of Grandeur” below, please download our music from Bandcamp and follow us on Facebook to keep up with the band’s progress!

Enter the Hunt (progressive metal, Sweden)

Krister Linder is a genius, and he has done more than guest spots and solo pop music. Enter the Hunt released an energetic, punchy dose of progressive metal that’s well worth checking out, especially if you like Krister’s voice.

Exgenesis (death/doom metal, International)

One of many offsprings from disbanded death/doom giants Slumber. Exgenesis is a collaboration between Jari Lindholm from Slumber and Colombian musician Alejandro Lotero. The result is an enjoyable output of death/doom.

Hadriel (progressive death/doom metal, Sweden)

Hadriel has been active for quite some time, but “Liberosis” is their only official release. Expect long, dirgy songs with progressive twists.

In the Silence (progressive metal, USA)

One of the Katatonia fan mastertips from my article about similar bands. This band is a very nice combo of atmosphere and tight instrumental work.

Infinitum (technical death metal, Australia)

“Behold Eradication” was great and the second album was even better. After that, my favorite underground tech-death metal band faded away. Infinitum’s melodic take on the mid-era Suffocation sound really amazes me. I really hope they get together for another album at some point.

Insision (death metal, Sweden)

An underground death metal band from Stockholm. It feels like I saw them live a hundred times in my early years. The first two records are a great combination of American tech-death frenzy and Swedish catchiness, and the rest of the releases are good as well.

Kaamos (death metal, Sweden)

Kaamos is borderline too famous to be on an underground metal list, at least by my definition of “underground”. They disbanded quite some time ago though. Both albums are mandatory Swedish death metal. Don’t miss out on The Curse, the new project from some of the Kaamos members. Check out my 50 best Swedish death metal bands if you want to find more similar bands.

Kaunis Kuolematon (death/doom metal, Finland)

Kaunis Kuolematon is a Finnish death/doom project featuring Mikko Heikkilä of previous Black Sun Aeon and Sinamore fame. The messy name may stop non-Finns from that first play, but that is a big mistake. Both albums are brilliant pieces of death/doom. I’d be surprised if Kaunis didn’t go from an underground band to a well-known one in the next few releases.

Loch Vostok (progressive metal, Sweden)

Teddy Möller is almost a metal institution in Sweden these days, and his band Loch Vostok has a lengthy discography of solid metal music. “Extreme progressive metal” is their chosen brand label. It describes Loch Vostok’s music well.

Lying Figures (death/doom metal, France)

Lying Figures released full-length debut “The Abstract Escape” on Naturmacht Productions in 2017. It’s a nice dose dark death/doom metal bound to please fans of the genre.

Marianas Rest (death/doom metal, Finland)

One of the most Finnish-sounding metal bands I’ve ever heard. It’s a quality offering in the melodic death/doom metal style.

Pathos (progressive metal, Sweden)

Fans of Nevermore need to know this band. 2002’s “Katharsis” is an almost perfect display of thrashy progressive metal. The album is filled with ballsy attitude and quality riffs.

Phidion (death metal, Sweden)

Phidion is a local Stockholm death/thrash metal band with one full-length album in their discography.

Rome in Monochrome (doom metal, Italy)

Really nice take on the softer side of doom metal. Strong Katatonia influence and memorable vocal hooks.

Scariot (progressive metal, Norway)

This band had some underground metal recognition when they were active, but faded into obscurity. The Scariot sound was a synergy of Nevermore influences and punchy thrash metal. Since musicians from Scariot now play in Blood Red Throne and Communic, expect high quality riffs.

Sleepwalkers (death/doom metal, International)

Sleepwalkers is an International death/doom metal project masterminded by Mike Watts. The music is certainly good enough to warrant a bigger place in the death/doom scene.

Soliloquium (doom metal, Sweden)

My doom metal band Soliloquium plays a mixture of death/doom metal and more contemporary Katatonia-influenced music. Download and stream the latest album “Contemplations” and all other releases on the Soliloquium Bandcamp.

Somnent (death/doom metal, USA)

Somnent is an underground death/doom project from the U.S. Just like so many of the underrated metal bands on this list, Somnent puts out professional music in the highest quality.

Supreme Carnage (death metal, Germany)

Super catchy old school death metal from Germany. 2018’s “Morbid Ways to Die” is a good album to start out with.

Terminus (death/doom metal, USA)

Terminus is another underground metal project masterminded by Mike Watts. This one is more uptempo and experimental. I really enjoyed debut EP “Sentient”, and hopefully there is more quality music to come.

The Curse (death metal, Sweden)

From the remnants of Kaamos comes The Curse. “Come Forth” is an impressive piece of occult, underground death metal and there is hopefully more to come from the band.

The Moth Gatherer (atmospheric sludge metal, Sweden)

Quality atmospheric sludge that way too few people know about.

The Wounded (gothic metal, Netherlands)

Dutch gothic metal masters that kind of sound like The Cure playing contemporary metal music. Read my reviews of “Atlantic” and “Sunset” to learn more about The Wounded.

Thence (progressive metal, Finland)

This is a band that Katatonia fans really need to know about! “We are Left with a Song” is a gorgeous album filled with emotion. An absolute overload on Scandinavian atmosphere.

Throes of Dawn (progressive metal, Finland)

Long-running band with a series of quality albums. 2016’s “Our Voices Shall Remain” is probably their masterpiece so far. Throes of Dawn combine metal aesthetics with non-metal influences from bands like Pink Floyd and Dead Can Dance in a very cool fashion. Yet very few people seem to know them. That needs to change.

Usipian (death metal, Denmark)

Danish riffmasters that released one full-length before slowly vanishing into obscurity. It’s not a polished album, but the riffs are damn punchy and there’s an atmospheric side to the Usipian sound as well.

Vituperation (death metal, Sweden)

Unknown Stockholm death metal band that released one demo, “Nothing is Sacred”, years ago. It was a demo that was both catchy and musically proficient.

Within the Fall (death/doom metal, Sweden)

Within the Fall is a Karlstad death/doom metal band with a sorrowful, melodic sound.

Soliloquium Swedish doom metal on Bandcamp

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