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This is an article containing my best atmospheric black metal bands. It’s a diverse genre featuring many different types of bands. If you’re more interested in blackgaze, there’s also an article about that genre. Please comment if you have an atmospheric black metal band I should check out, or if I’m missing an awesome band.


Origin: United States
Recommended album: Ashes Against the Grain (2006)


Origin: Unknown
Recommended album: Bonebranches (2018)

Bloodbark is a fresh band on the scene, delivering quality atmospheric black metal. They have a slight Summoning influence, minus the fantasy associations, that matches up very well with the more traditional atmospheric black metal approach.


Origin: Norway
Recommended album: Hvis lyset tar oss (1994)

I’m personally not that much of a Burzum fan, but their impact on the atmospheric black metal genre is undeniable.

Caladan Brood

Origin: United States
Recommended album: Echoes of Battle (2013)

American Summoning worshippers that are strong enough to stand on their own merit.


Origin: Romania
Recommended album: Dar de duh (2012)


Origin: United Kingdom
Recommended album: Winter (2017)

I enjoy Fen’s album “Winter”, but the super long songs made it hard for me truly get into it. Still a quality band in the style worth checking out.

Negură Bunget

Origin: Romania
Recommended album: OM (2014)


Origin: Finland
Recommended album: Riitti (2018)

Paara plays a pretty epic form of black metal with long songs and mixed musical dynamics. 2018’s “Riitti” is quite a unique experience worth checking out.


These Tolkien-crazed Austrians form one of the most famous atmospheric black metal bands. Very unique electronics and guitar leads.

Origin: Austria
Recommended album: Stronghold (1999)

The Ruins of Beverast

Somewhere between black/doom and atmospheric black, The Ruins of Beverast produces truly dark music. A very big and unique sound.

Origin: Germany
Recommended album: Exuvia (2017)


Origin: Indonesia
Recommended album: Homeward Path (2015)

An atmospheric black metal band from Jakarta, Indonesia of all places. Solid songwriting and atmosphere while lacking the originality to truly make it something special. There’s also a slight Primordial influence in places.

Wolves in the Throne Room

Origin: United States
Recommended album: Thrice Woven (2017)

One of the most popular atmospheric black metal. Garners a lot of polarizing opinions just like Deafheaven. Most of their music is above average for me, and I particularly enjoy the guest spots from Anna von Hausswolff on the latest album.

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