October Tide started out as a Katatonia side-project, and is regarded as an essential death/doom metal band. The band released two legendary albums, (“Rain Without End” and “Grey Dawn”) in the 90’s before disbanding. The band returned in 2010 in a new shape, more influenced by the modern metal scene. Here I’m gonna rank my 10 best October Tide songs, comparing songs from both the old and new era.

October Tide full-length discography

  • Rain Without End (1997)
  • Grey Dawn (1999)
  • A Thin Shell (2010)
  • Tunnel of No Light (2013)
  • Winged Waltz (2016)

Best October Tide songs, places 10-6:

10. “Fragile” (A Thin Shell, 2010)
9. “Lost in the Dark (and Then Gone)” (Grey Dawn, 1999)
8. “The Custodian of Science” (A Thin Shell, 2010)
7. “Losing Tomorrow” (Rain Without End, 1997)
6. “October Insight” (Grey Dawn, 1999)

5. “All Painted Cold” (Rain Without End, 1997)

The melodies in this song are almost folky, reminding of how much October Tide was influenced by the early melodic death metal sound. There’s certainly a doom foundation in the music though, and Jonas Renkse’s growls make sure that the depression isn’t missing.

4. “Emptiness Fulfilled” (Tunnel of No Light, 2013)

“Emptiness Fulfilled” is my favorite new era October Tide song. It really differs from the early tunes, since it’s got an overall more extreme metal approach rather than focusing on atmosphere. It’s actually quite catchy, and Alexander Högbom’s vocal performance is perfect.

3. “Infinite Submission” (Rain Without End, 1997)

Perhaps the slowest and most doomy track October Tide ever made, “Infinite Submission” is a slow, simplistic dirge with “Brave Murder Day”-ish lyrics. The keyboard break in the song is also one of the band’s shining moments.

2. “Grey Dawn” (Grey Dawn, 1999)

Similarly, the title track and opening track of the second October Tide album happens to be one hell of a song. Quite influenced by what was going on in the melodic death metal scene at the time, and the same time nicely dreary and doomy.

1. “12 Days of Rain” (Rain Without End, 1997)

I rarely pick the most famous song as my #1 for this type of list, but in the case of October Tide it is simply true. “12 Days of Rain” is a marvelous song with a unique atmosphere, that feels like the logical Katatonia step after “Brave Murder Day”.


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