Deftones is one of my favorite bands, and this is my list of the 10 best Deftones songs. It also includes five songs that almost made it into the list. Even with my five extra songs I left out massive Deftones songs like “Minerva”, “Be Quiet and Drive” and “Knife Party”. Truly a glorious band!

10 best Deftones songs

Five Deftones songs that almost made it

  • Passenger
  • Poltergeist
  • Prayers / Triangles
  • Rocket Skates
  • Rosemary

10. Gore (“Gore”, 2016)

I grew to love the “Gore” album over a time, after a slow start. When the downtuned chorus of this kicks in I go crazy. Every time. It was like a fantasy when I got to see them live for a first time, complete with Chino coming down and screaming the chorus about 30 cms from my face.

9. Beauty School (“Diamond Eyes”, 2010)

Many of Deftones lighter, brighter tracks are gorgeous. This one takes you to a complete different place, with great lyrics to match.

8. Diamond Eyes (“Diamond Eyes”, 2010)

The “Diamond Eyes” album is straight to the point, and the live staple title track is no different. A golden note chorus melody mixed with gigantic djent breakdowns in perfect disharmony.

7. Change (in the House of Flies) (“White Pony”, 2000)

One of the ultimate Deftones songs, with a creepy atmosphere and an infectious chorus.

6. Cherry Waves (“Saturday Night Wrist”, 2006)

An underrated Deftones song from an underrated album. Much like my number 9, “Beauty School”, this is Deftones at their most light and pop. Chino’s vocals on this are out of this world, and leads the listener into unseen shoegaze landscapes while still sounding totally Deftones.


5. Romantic Dreams (“Koi No Yokan”, 2012)

The “Koi No Yokan” album has been my favorite Deftones album, and an obsession for years. “Romantic Dreams” is a disorganized song that keeps coming at you with infectious grooves and shoegazy melodicism.

4. Tempest (“Koi No Yokan”, 2012)

Another “Koi No Yokan” highlight is the single “Tempest”. It’s got a downtuned groovy drive unlike any other Deftones song, and just like on the rest of the album, Chino sounds like a pack of rabid dogs.

3. Sextape (“Diamond Eyes”, 2010)

“Sextape” is the song that got me into Deftones in the first place. It’s easily their most dreamy song, taking you to a completely different world, especially when watching the underwater music video.

2. Leathers (“Koi No Yokan”, 2012)

“Leathers” starts by going from psychadelic guitar noise into a bang of distorted guitars and screams, and it represents the song well. Chino keeps driving the song forward with downtuned guitars and abrasive screams, only to seemlessly switch into melodic vocal section that no-one else could deliver.

1. Digital Bath (“White Pony”, 2000)

This song is exactly what Deftones is about, ethereal dreamy beauty with an aggressive edge. Inventive drum beats, psychadelic mood, an explosive chorus; “Digital Bath” has it all.

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