The immediacy of many classic albums falls into a more nostalgic feeling for me. Such is the case of many Katatonia and Anathema classics, for instance. The music is obviously still brilliant, but the emotional connection that was there is a bit faded in favour of sheer aesthetic appreciation. That is not the case with this album.

Slumber - Fallout

The album I’m talking about is Slumber’s “Fallout”. According to my, I listened to the song “Distress” 241 times since 2005. The song, along with the rest of the tracklist, hasn’t faded into nostalgia one bit.

Musically, this is simply melodic death/doom metal candy at its very best. The melodies and dynamic transitions evoke (not always pleasant) emotions and thoughts, and also proves quite memorable and catchy. There are also some straight melodic death metal nods, especially in the song “Where Nothing Was Left”. Lyrically, the album is filled with regret and melancholy to boot.

There is also an unusual number of standout instrumental performances on “Fallout”. Keyboards and electronics often serve as a compliment, but on here they often take the lead. Piano strokes and choirs add an extra layer of foreboding apocalypse to the soundscape. It’s also impossible to forget the creative bass playing which adds a lot of texture, something very unusual and welcome for the death/doom music style.

There you have it, “Fallout” is the album that peaks “Brave Murder Day”. If you haven’t heard it, I urge you to check it out. If you’re already heard it, the members of Slumber and their associated musicians participated in (or highly influenced) other great projects, such as:

  • Atoma
  • Cold Insight
  • Enshine
  • Exgenesis

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