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Finding good music on Bandcamp is usually quite easy, and the doom metal genre is no exception. The tag doom metal offers a variety of good releases in different doom styles, and Bandcamp Discover has a doom tag  with even more quality music.

In this article you can find popular doom metal releases on Bandcamp, as well as my recommendations in every style from classic doom metal to extreme death/doom. If you have your own band, I urge you to check out my guide on how to promote and market your music on Bandcamp.

Doom metal top sellers as of July 2017

The Bandcamp highest sellers are often high sellers for a reason, here are links to the top 5 in doom metal:

My doom metal recommendations on Bandcamp

40 Watt Sun – classic doom metal, England

40 Watt Sun is one of the saddest bands out there, and their latest release “Wider than the Sky” even incorporates elements of slowcore in the doom metal. Not a heavy band by any means, but very emotional.

40 Watt Sun on Bandcamp ->

Atten Ash – death doom metal, USA

Atten Ash is a band formed by Daylight Dies guitarist Barre Gambling. Their album is available on their label Hypnotic Dirge Records Bandcamp page.

Atten Ash “The Hourglass” album on Bandcamp ->

Doom:VS – funeral doom metal, Sweden

Doom:VS is the solo project of Draconian guitarist Johan Ericson. Except slow, sorrowful funeral doom metal with massive chords.

Doom:VS Bandcamp ->

Drug Honkey – atmospheric death doom metal, USA

Drug Honkey is an atmospheric death doom metal band with an industrial edge, shaping quite an original sound.

Drug Honkey Bandcamp ->

Evadne – melodic death doom metal, Spain

Evadne is a Spanish death doom metal band that just released a new album. Expect classic Katatonia-styled death doom metal with high quality songwriting.

Evadne Bandcamp ->

Pallbearer – melodic doom metal, USA

Pallbearer play classic doom metal with a melodic twists. Quite contemporary compared to other bands in style, yet touching.

Pallbearer – “Heartless” album on Bandcamp ->

Ruins of Beverast – black/death doom metal, Germany

Ruins of Beverast play a raw take on black/death metal-inspired doom with long, drawn-out songs. They paint a truly dreary soundscape.

Ruins of Beverast Bandcamp ->

Soliloquium – progressive death doom metal, Sweden

Soliloquium - An Empty Frame

My band Soliloquium plays a progressive type of death doom metal. We offer all our releases (3 EP’s and one full-length album) for free on Bandcamp, granted that our free download credits don’t mystically run out like they do sometimes.

Soliloquium Bandcamp ->

Windhand – classic doom metal, USA

Windhand is a truly classic-sounding doom metal band, worshipping the throne of Black Sabbath. Expect something highly psychadelic and fuzzy.

Windhand Bandcamp ->

Within the Fall – melodic death doom metal, Sweden

Within the Fall is a melodic death doom metal band from Karlstad, Sweden influenced by Katatonia, Daylight Dies, Slumber, Agalloch and Novembers Doom.

Within the Fall Bandcamp ->

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